Tyler Daake

Areas of Expertise

Body Transformation Training

Life Longevity Training

Nutrition Health &Wellness

Functional Movement Training

Program Design

Hypertrophy Training


My experience in my areas of expertise consist of my athletic background in multiple sports at a collegiate level, working with different companies and people focused around weight loss and body transformation for 7+ years, working with people with specific medical conditions, and in my own trial and errors of personal body transformations throughout the years.

Favorite way to stay fit

My favorite way to stay fit is to always make new challenges for myself and never let myself be content. I always want to strive for new small goals that, once completed, disciple me to make a bigger new goal. I always remind myself to never get complacent and I can always keep pushing myself a little further.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Goodlife is a community of togetherness, where people come for the same goal but also come from all walks of life and different experience levels. Whether you are a first time lifter or a bootcamp vet, there is always a spot for you.

Guilty pleasure

I love animated kids movies

Normal hours

I am typically available early mornings to early afternoons strictly at the Southeast location.