tim suhr

Areas of Expertise

Personal Training

BS in biology from The University of Nebraska- Lincoln

ISSA Personal Trainer Certification


Health and fitness have always been core values of my lifestyle. I started out as an athlete playing many sports but have recently been involved in strength competitions. I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 7 years. I love the feeling of helping others alleviate pain, reach a new goal, or just seeing a client smile when they do something they never thought they could! 

Favorite way to stay fit

I am an iron addict! The weight room is my happy place, but I love the challenge and discipline running takes. Combining those two activities is my win-win combo! When I’m not “training,” I’m usually out doing farm chores! 

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Living the Good Life means being able to do all the activities I love, from being there for my kids to lifting weights. Doing these things without pain or limitations or the necessity to rely on pills or medications for as long as possible! 

Guilty pleasure

Food, specifically Cookie butter wrapped in a tortilla with dark chocolate… Microwave for about 10 seconds! 

Normal hours