Tara Helms

Areas of Expertise

Yoga Instructor

Increase flexibility
Improve mobility/range of motion
Recover faster after hard workouts
Relieve tension/reduce stress

Group Fitness Classes

Through breath, movement, passive and dynamic stretches, Yoga is about feeling good in your physical body and improving your performance in bootcamp, weightlifting, Group fitness classes, etc. Yoga is a perfect yin to a yang lifestyle.

Favorite way to stay fit

Weight training, Rev class, Bootcamp, and yoga

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Good life is a supportive community of people with common goals, encouraging each other every step of the way! From sharing recipes to goals. The Good Life community keeps me accountable, and feeling passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Guilty pleasure

New Tennis Shoes, Trader Joe’s Snacks, and any Netflix series on baking competitions.