Sam Newton

Areas of Expertise

Boot Camp Instructor

Boot camp looks a little different to every instructor, but my goal during class is to get you to build upon your skills to hit your goals. Whether that means lifting heavier weights, improving your form, sprinting a little faster/longer, or running farther, I love seeing people do things their body wasn’t capable of doing mere months before.

Favorite way to stay fit

Powerlifting, walks, and coed sports.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Living a life free of self-imposed restrictions. I eat the food I want for both pleasure and to fuel my body. I move my body doing things I enjoy, rather than what’s most popular or what burns the most calories to try to make my body smaller. I have the freedom to live my life without feeling guilty that I’m not doing enough. When I finally let go of the strict mindset I once had surrounding health and fitness, the “Good Life” really began.

Guilty pleasure

Not doing enough cardio when winter hits and I’m unwilling to go for my walks 😂