Olivia Daake

Areas of Expertise




Favorite way to stay fit

One of the ways I like to stay fit is by attending other group fitness classes and bootcamps that I don’t teach during the week. Having the instructors hold me accountable is super motivating and one of the main reasons I became an instructor myself!

Another way I stay fit is by riding my bike outdoors multiple times a week as well as long walks. Getting outdoors is therapeutic to me and helps me stay active!

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

To me, Good Life is all about the people. The instructors, the members, the community is amazing and there is always someone you can rely on. Somedays it may be hard to get yourself to the gym, but I can always count on Good Life.

Guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure is roaming through Target and buying things I don’t need. Did I go yesterday? Yes. Will I go again tomorrow? Probably. Oh and I would probably pick up a frozen pizza while I am there because its all about balance, right?