Nichole Carolus

Areas of Expertise

Boot Camp Instructor

Favorite way to stay fit

Mixing up the classes I take including kickboxing, bootcamp, Rev-x, FIRE, and TRX. I also really enjoy bar with Bryant when I can work it into my schedule. Eating healthy with plenty of protein and hitting my daily water goal are also important to me!

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

My happy place. Good Life has become not only a place I go almost daily to exercise but a place of community. I have met some pretty amazing people through taking and teaching classes who I am proud to call my friends inside and outside of the gym. The atmosphere pushes me to grow and continues to help me step out of my comfort zones. My daughter also enjoys coming and as a 4 year old, has started to learn a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle while building her self esteem. She loves jungle bootcamp as well as the childcare providers.

Guilty pleasure

Sushi Sunday!