Melissa Strop

Areas of Expertise

Boot Camp

Favorite way to stay fit

I love taking Bootcamp class a few times a week to get in those short bouts of high intensity interval training. Bootcamp is a good choice for that, because you get the opportunity to use all the fun toys like battle Ropes, medballs, Tires, cardiac Mtn., Echo bike and more. However I believe getting into the weight room to be able to lift heavier produces great results too, so I try and do that a few times a week as well.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Supportive Community!

Guilty pleasure

Eating a whole bag of Colby Ridge popcorn and chocolate or ice cream (preferably from 402 creamery) after the kids go to bed and watching a movie with my husband. 😉

Normal hours

Bootcamp: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am at East location