Katie Bossung

Areas of Expertise

Boot Camp & Group Fitness

I currently teach Boot Camps and sub a variety of classes such as Rev, TRX and Jungle Boot Camps. When you come to my classes, you can expect to get a total body workout in one quick class. With more than 10 years of Group Fitness experience, I promise, I won’t waste your time and it will be the best decision of your day!

Favorite way to stay fit

Aside from working in my Acreage, my FAVORITE way to stay fit is Boot Camp. You get a killer combo of weight training and Cardio leaving you the best way to build muscle and lose weight.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

To me Good Life means quality, accountability and unity. We have the best instructors who give us quality workouts and hold us accountable for our goals. The members and employees make it a goal to feel welcome and accepted. We are all here for our own goals- but as soon as you let us know what yours are- we will make sure you knock them out of this world!

Guilty pleasure

Popsicles and candy. Please don’t tell my kids. When I get home and there is are no kids for the night you can find me eating my body weight in both. However, thanks to our 8 week challenges, I have a slew of HEALTHY recipes to keep me on track when I get a bit out of control.