JoJo Tice

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Injury and rehabilitation

Powerlifting and bodybuilding

Weight loss

and more!


I personally have dealt with joint injuries and surgeries myself and have helped clients get back to the gym after significant joint surgeries. As a golfer of 20+ years, I have trained with clients on and off the course to improve their game and scores. After working in the medical specialties of metabolic and bariatric medicine, I have trained clients to successfully change their lifestyles to lose weight. Weight lifting can range from training for competitions to training for overall health and longevity. I am passionate about assuring clients of all ages reach their fullest potential inside and outside the gym, no matter their goals.

Favorite way to stay fit


What does the Good Life

mean to you?

The Good Life means living a healthy and enjoyable life with the utmost confidence and self esteem.

Guilty pleasure

Ice cream 😉

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Evenings, both locations!