Haley Benton

Areas of Expertise

Boot Camp

SWEAT is my area of expertise!

I love creating uniquely fun, challenging workouts for all our amazing bootcampers.

Favorite way to stay fit

LOVE GLF Bootcamps and creating my own daily lifting routines. I typically lift 1-2 times a day and squeeze a bootcamp in over my lunch break 1-3 times a week. Rest days on Sunday. Food is a huge part of staying fit for me as well. I eat foods that fuel my body opposed to eating food for pleasure… unless you put sweets in front of me – typically I can’t help but to give in to anything with lots of frosting. BUT I be sure to eat only a small portion of sweets so I’m not throwing off my fitness goals. Lots of high-protein meals, and I’m a BIG protein shake or protein bar gal when it comes to snacks.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Good Life to me means… it’s a Good Life when you create a good life for yourself.

Guilty pleasure

Anything with lots of frosting… cookies (crumbl cookies to be exact), cake, and I love me some cold stone ice cream.

Normal hours

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