Carsyn Manary 

Areas of Expertise



Favorite way to stay fit

The weight room, especially with friends! I enjoy taking bootcamps, TRX, and especially FIRE! 

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Every person here has made some sort of impact on my life. There isn’t one person who isn’t dedicated, friendly, or supportive. I didn’t grow up in Lincoln, but have found my happy place here at Good Life which reminds me of home. Within Good Life the possiblies are endless which have helped me grow as a person through confidence and strength. 

Guilty pleasure

Anything involving food. I could eat sushi for every meal, however could also never turn down chips, guac, and a marg! 

Normal hours

FIRE- Thursday 4:30 pm at West

BOOTCAMP- Monday 12:00 pm and Friday 12:00 pm at East