Bryant Travis

Areas of Expertise

Health & Wellness coaching through customized approaches to fit client needs

Senior Fitness

Weight Loss Programs

Strength & Conditioning

Sports Specific Training

Contest Prep Coaching


I have 14+ years experience with personal training and nutrition, from general weight loss/well being to competitions. I greatly enjoy working with senior clients to improve and maintain overall quality of life. I have also coached multiple champions in both power lifting and bodybuilding/physique/figure/bikini.

I have a Nutrition Exercise & Health Science Degree and a Dietetics degree from UNL.

Professional Certifications​
ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

Favorite way to stay fit

I enjoy lifting and staying active. I am not good at sitting around watching TV or what some may call “relaxing.” I like to always be doing something.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Living the best version of your life.

Guilty pleasure

Drag racing, cars, and my dogs.

Normal hours


Monday: 6AM-6PM
Tuesday: 6AM-6PM
Wednesday: 6AM-6:00PM
Thursday: 6:00AM-6PM
Friday: 6AM-1:00PM