Ashley Rinke

Areas of Expertise

Weight Loss

Wellness & Body Transformation

Strength/Resistance Training


It all started in middle school joining the track & field doing cross country then moving on to high school did some track & field but mostly cross country. In 2014 and over those years worked on strength & endurance training which led me to complete 6 half marathons and running events that helped donatie towards health conditions. During that time & still currently I have been doing strength/resistance training working on perfecting my technique and form.

Favorite way to stay fit

My favorite way to stay fit is not only eatting healthy (p.s. not healthy foods do happens time to time) but working out 5 to 6 times a week doing spilt (upper/lower body), supersets, curcits HIIT, joining boot camps, resistance training and always up to trying/doing new workouts.

What does the Good Life

mean to you?

Good Life feels like family to me and not only that but the atmosphere in the gym is very positive with a judge free vibe!

Guilty pleasure

Ordering food after a long day of work not having time to cook!

Normal hours

Monday 5:30pm-8pm SE location
Tuesday 6:00pm-8pm SW location
Wednesday 5:30pm-8pm SE location
Thursday 5:30pm-8pm SW location

More hours will be available soon in the future!