Student Drops Over 40lbs!!!!

Student drops over 40 lbs in her first year at Good Life Fitness!!  Not only did she drop 40lbs but also in her transformation she dropped 14% body fat!!!  WOW!!  GREAT job!!!!!


Paige worked with Caitlynn and Alyssa to have her “shred” nutrition program custom designed specifically for her.  During her transformation Paige combined the fitness boot camps and group fitness to produce a 1-2 punch!!


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Good Life Fitness Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight August

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You Must Have A Healthy Foundation For Long Term Nutrition Success

You must have a healthy foundation for long term nutrition success!!  Many start a nutrition program with the wrong foundation from the beginning.  I challenge you to ask yourself the following.  1.  Can I maintain this “diet” restriction for more than 12 weeks?  2.  Can I afford to purchase meals, pills, supplements, or shakes to maintain my results?   Please check out my story below.

Now keep in mind my highest body weight was 204# with a body fat of 16# at my highest.  This body mass was incredible and felt bullet proof.  My strength was crazy but my stomach was out of control.  Even being a personal trainer I never felt comfortable taking my shirt off in public and with 3 small children constantly wanting to go to the pool I dreaded the moment.  In the sport that I loved so much (powerlifting) nobody really cares how lean or ripped you are.  Typically the strongest powerlifters are the guys with the big hard abdomens, huge barrel chests, and big arms.  The big hard stomach is really an advantage when it comes to squatting the big weight!  My gut was large for me but I could squat over 500#, bench press 400#, and deadlift over 600#, so i sacrificed my leanness for strength, maybe an excuse for laziness on the nutrition side?  My eating habits were 80% good and 20% bad! Now I considered bad (candy bar from gas station, once a week fast food, bread, and sometimes other starchy carbs).  Since I was super competitive I constantly looked for biggest and best supplement to give me the leading advantage.  I took so many supplements that you would have thought they were additional meals packed with pills and powders.  My supplement bill exceeded over $4,000+ a year!




Now looking back….was this a healthy feasible foundation?!? Now please keep in mind I am not anti supplement by any means….but 99.9% do not work.  If you are taking a supplement to mask a unhealthy habit…then you need to work on the improving your habits. 


Here are a few things to consider.

Infomercials are everywhere!!  How many times have you joined a weight loss program only falling short of getting results or regaining back everything you lost?  Are you tired of searching for a workout that will promise lasting results?  Do you hesitate starting a new fitness program because you might fail?  Don’t worry you are not alone.  Here are 8 factors to ask yourself when deciding on a fitness program.  I have listed the most common choices that people choose for their fitness program and how they size up.


  • Local Weight Loss Clinics
  • Supplements and Weight Loss Formulas
  • Exercising On Your Own

Now use the following list from below and see if they can offer all of these deciding factors.


  1. Firm Toned Muscles
  2. Increased Metabolism
  3. Constantly challenging you
  4. Fun and effective (not dreadful)
  5. Accountability
  6. Education for a lifetime
  7. Encouragement and Motivation

Now I will evaluate the common choices that people choose and see if they offer the 8 deciding factors.

Local Weight Loss Clinic:

  • Toned Firm Muscles (NO)
  • Increased Metabolism (NO WAY)
  • Constantly Challenging You (NO)
  • Fun and Effective ( Possibly)
  • Accountability (Occasionally)
  • Education For A Lifetime ( Possibly)
  • Encouragement and Motivation ( Depends)

Supplements and Weight Loss Formulas:

  • Toned and Firmed Muscles (NO)
  • Increased Metabolism ( Maybe)
  • Constantly Challenging You (NO)
  • Fun and Effective (NO)
  • Accountability (NO)
  • Education For A Lifetime (NO)
  • Encouragement And Motivation (NO)

Exercising On Your Own:

  • Toned And Firmed Muscles (Maybe)
  • Increased Metabolism (NO)
  • Constantly Challenging You (Unlikely)
  • Fun And Effective (Unlikely)
  • Accountability (NO)
  • Education For A Lifetime  (Maybe)
  • Encouragement And Motivation (NO)

There is no “secret” to long term fitness success.  Keep these 3 “B’s” in mind with choosing what is best for you.  The 3 “B’s” are  basic, balanced, and best choices.  Please stay clear of the “magic” potions and promises that are their for short term success.


Train smart and expect success

Steve Auxier- Good Life Fitness


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Welcome Friends To Good Life Fitness

Hello friends welcome to Good Life Fitness!!  As a local business we pride on customer service and our staff is dedicated to your fitness success!!  Our fitness professionals possess a true passion to help our members improve their physical well-being through proper nutrition and exercise.

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Steve Auxier-Owner/Operator

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Good Life Fitness “Shred” 12 Week Transformation Challenge

A HUGE congratulations to all of the competitors of the 12 week transformation challenge!!  Everyone did an amazing job and congratulations on successfully completing your fitness goals!!!  GOOOOOOOOOOOO TEAM!!!





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Fear…Is It Holding You Back From Fitness Success?

I have been honored to assist you many wonderful people with improving their quality of life! I truely believe that people are adding years to their life and watching a person make remarkable changes is very HONORABLE!! I do not want people to just live their life by going through the motions but to really live their lives!

I have been thinking lately about just what causes us to place limits on ourselves from staying focused on their fitness goals. This mystery has fueled my desire to help transform so many people every single day!! Here are some of my thoughts and I want to share them with you:)

1.Does the person lack self confidence

2. Lack of knowledge to get better

3.Fear of the unknown that cause us to think negative

4.Do they have a troubled home life?

5.Do they have a troubled past as a child?

6. Are we afraid to face our fears and ignore them?

7. If they fail in fitness are they failing in other areas of their life?

8. Do they yo-yo in their professional careers?

Why do we let fear hold us back from reaching our potential? One common term often used when a person makes a remarkable transformation is called “Crossing The Abyss”. This term used by Bill Phillips stated that when a person finally makes the decision to cross the boundry to success and make those changes no matter what. Nothing will hold you back! Have you ever been put up against the ropes where failure was not acceptable? Personally I wonder the mindset of an individual that has a terminal illness? I wonder how that person would react if they knew they could get a second chance? Visualize how lucky we are to get a second chance every single day by having the opportunity to make those changes to get better!!

Every failure should be a learning experience that will hopefully teach you a new lesson and help you become a stronger person. I feel failures are presented to us for a reason…and that is to learn and live from our mistakes. The lesson I learned from rupturing 7 quadricep tendons was it was only up to me to succeed on my recovery. No matter how many physical therapy sessions that I attended and the endless support it all boiled down to my success of recovery was up to ME! Yes I often wondered what the future would hold for me and this brought frustration, fear, anger, guilt, blame but all facts aside the recovery was up to me. I did not chose the situation that made me face my own fears. I wrestled with the fear failure in my recovery process, and I wondered how my injury would affect my family and my business. My #1 goal was to recover as quickly as possible and get my life back to normal. I am blessed to have had a second chance to get better and have thought what if I didn’t?

One question that I often ponder is why do so many people take their health for granted? With current studies showing over 60% of people are overweight and over 50% will end up with diabetes. That is scary! Why does a person’s health become a priority when it fails? Why do they do everything in their power and spend endless money to recover their health once it leaves them? Money, occupation, and time is no EXCUSE then! Do we think that we can cure it by taking a pill? What about when the pill stops working then what? How about doing the prevenative steps to prevent these stages of failed health. Where are we going to live when we wear our bodies out from abusing them from poor nutrition and living an unhealthy lifestyle? How we treat our bodies in our earlier years will determine the quality of our lives in the future. HONOR your body now!

When transforming your physique start off your day by tying your shoes and taking one meal, one workout at a time! Set daily goals and have those goals taking you closer to your fitness goals. Every day is like walking a fine line that can bring you closer or further away from your fitness endeavor! If you fail 99 times but only succeed 1 time then you have won. Never, never, never give up!! KEEP Focused!!

I want to share a video that really hits home and I personally found it very MOTIVATIONAL!!

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1 Simple Tip To Help Bust Through Stubborn Fitness Plateaus

Today I have 1 simple tip to help you bust through stubborn plateaus. Maybe you are at a stand still with your fat loss, weight loss, performance or even your strength gains. If you look at most programs they might advocate a 2 on 1 off schedule rotation. Your schedule could look like this.

Monday Upper Body
Tuesday Lower Body/Abs
Wednesday Rest Day
Thursday Upper Body
Friday Lower Body/ Abs
Saturday Off
Sunday Off

If you have a current schedule like this there are a few ways to make this more efficient. Many people are driven to exercise Monday though Thursday and all to often skip Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is one key mistake that many make. Skipping the big 3 days could be what is halting your progress. This is what I would recommend for best results.

Monday Upper Body
Tuesday Lower Body
Wednesday Rest Day
Thursday Upper Body
Friday Lower Body
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday Upper Body
Monday Lower Body
Tuesday Rest Day

This rotation in the end will help in many ways. Our social lives will kick in with high caloric intake on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and so many will work so hard on Monday to off set the big weekend.

The scenario above can you tailored to your current workout regimen. Give it a shot and please share with others:)

Have a great day!!!!

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Good Life Fitness April Employee Of The Month!!!!

I am HONORED to feature our first employee of Good Life Fitness…Marika Brack!!!!! Thank you Marika:)

Marika Brack 2


Bachelor’s of science degree from UNL in Public Health Education

*Professional Certifications*

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
Les Mills Certified Instructor


Although fitness was my first love (I love being active, and all types of fitness activities), above all I love being a mommy to my two children – 2 year old Gianna, and 9 month old Bastian. Whenever possible, I combine the two and bring them along! Running with the jogging stroller (especially up hills!) and biking with the trailer are my new favorite ways to get a great workout in! I absolutely love and am very interested in coffee, cupcakes, and wine :) I live by the 90/10 rule. Eat clean and be active 90% of the time, and 10% of the time enjoy LIFE in moderation :)

*How long have you worked at Good Life Fitness

How long has it been? May of ’09? Five years :

What you love about Good Life Fitness/strong>

The energy is indescribable…it’s not something you can explain, but something you have to feel and experience for yourself. I have never in my life been a part of a place with more inspiring people with one common goal. From the owners, to the staff, to the members, it’s about making yourself a better person, and pushing yourself. It might start with the physical, but ends up overflowing into other aspects of people’s lives, and that’s where the difference and distinctions are!!!

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FREE DeadLift Seminar At Good Life Fitness

Deadlift Seminar Flyer (3)

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Be Addicted To Failure

Ever wonder why people fail to achieve their dreams (goals) or are constantly spinning like a hamster on a wheel in their cage? To make everlasting transformations long term we must first change what is between our ears. Our mindset must be a focus first and the rest will follow.

If you’re searching for the secrets to success, they aren’t hard to find. There are thousands of books, seminars, podcasts, articles, interviews, videos, and courses all dedicated to teaching you how to succeed. And yet even with all of this incredible information available at little to no cost, so many of us continue to live in mediocrity and will never taste success.

The reality is that you can have all the right knowledge, but if you hold on to the wrong beliefs or behaviors, you are more likely to meet with failure than you are with success. Failure is not always a bad thing, as long as you are learning from the mistakes and are correcting your behaviors and actions to reach success. Fortunately there are signs that serve as warnings that you may be on the path to constant failure. By acknowledging these signs, and making changes when necessary, you increase your odds of success dramatic.

By Tyler Basu.

How To Stop Failing By Changing Your Behaviors

1. You’re addicted to the approval of others

When it’s time to make an important decision, instead of trusting your logic and intuition, you consult with the people around you first. You value the opinions of others more than you value your own. This emotional addiction to the approval of others stems from your lack of self-confidence, and your desire to please everyone.

Successful people are very particular about whose advice they ask for. They make sure to only consider the opinion of someone who has a track record of success with the issue at hand. They don’t concern themselves with the opinions of anyone and everyone, especially when it comes to issues that those people have little or no experience with. At the end of the day, they do what they feel is right – not what other people convince them to do.

2. You entertain yourself instead of educating yourself

You work a full time job and you might even have a decent career, but you haven’t opened a book since college, and the only extra training you’ve taken was required by your employer. The thought of going to networking events in your industry, reading books, listening to podcasts, or going to seminars to learn new skills and get new ideas is completely foreign to you.

Instead of spending your spare time investing in yourself and your ability to provide more value to the marketplace, you distract yourself with entertainment that adds no real value to your life or your productivity. You watch television often, you always know who won the game, and you can be found in nightclubs regularly.

3. You blame others for your circumstances

You’re not satisfied with where you are in life, but you have a perfect explanation for it. Essentially, none of it is your fault. You blame your boss, your coworkers, your parents, your educators, your childhood, even the economy for your lack of success.

You refuse to take 100% responsibility for your results. You refuse to acknowledge that YOU are in control of your life, and you get to steer yourself in whatever direction you choose.

4. You’re afraid of making mistakes

You’re afraid of failure, so you do whatever you can do avoid making mistakes. You forget that in the real world failure is not good or bad, it is simply feedback. But instead of learning from the valuable feedback that failure provides, you try to avoid it entirely. When you make a mistake, you cover it up and hope no one notices. You also put off making decisions because you’re afraid of making the wrong one. It takes you a long time to finally make a decision, and you change your mind often.

5. You stay in relationships that obviously aren’t working

You have a tendency to date people who bring you more problems than pleasure. You often tolerate behaviors that you know are unacceptable, and because you tolerate them they continue. Maybe you carry unresolved issues from previous relationships into your current one. Maybe you struggle with a low self-image so the standard you have for others isn’t very high. Whatever the case is, you must understand that your choice of spouse has a major impact on your life and success. If the person you’re with now is inhibiting your happiness and success, cut them lose and raise your standards.

6. You’re addicted to drama

Your life is a lot like an episode from a reality TV show. You are rarely on good terms with all of the people around you. You gossip about others often, and surprise surprise, they gossip about you too. The people you spend time with are known for arguing with each other, flirting with each other’s spouses, lying, and generally just causing problems between each other regularly. Instead of disassociating yourself from these types of people, you jump right in and add fuel to the fire. Heck, maybe you’re even the star of the show.

7. You spend time with people who are going nowhere

Jim Rohn, who was considered to be America’s Foremost Business Philosopher, once said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Unfortunately you spend most of your time with people who do not support or encourage your success. The people around you have no ambitions, no goals, and no concrete plans to improve their life. They seem to think that success is something that happens to other people, but not to them. You sometimes share an ambitious idea with these people, but they are quick to crush it.

Successful people know that the attitudes of the people around them are contagious, so they intentionally surround themselves with people who will encourage them and push them to higher levels. They know that they can’t afford to adopt the beliefs, thoughts, and habits of mediocre people if they are going to continue succeeding.

8. You’re careless with money

You often run out of money before you run out of month. You’re living paycheck to paycheck and you invest nothing for the future. You carry a balance on your credit cards, you take vacations you can’t afford, and you often buy expensive things impulsively. You spend money trying to look successful, but your balance sheet tells a different story. You hardly have any savings. You certainly don’t have a retirement plan. You don’t have any assets that make money for you, and your spending habits are your biggest liability.

You sometimes come close to acknowledging the truth about your situation, but instead of facing it and changing it, you let it continue. Thinking about your finances gives you a headache, and you prefer to avoid the subject entirely.

9. You have dreams (great) but no set goals (not so great)

You often imagine a more desirable version of your life, but instead of working towards making that vision a reality, you settle for your present circumstances. You complain often, but change little. You say you want certain things, but you do nothing to obtain them. You wish for your life to get better, but you make no commitment to improve yourself or your circumstances.

Successful people are driven by clear, specific goals. Their goals are what guide their decisions and their daily activities, and they rarely let a day pass by without doing something to bring them closer to achieving them. Their dreams aren’t something they sleep with at night; their dreams are something they wake up and chase.

10. You think successful people got lucky

The final sign that you’re addicted to failure is you believe that people who are successful got lucky – that they had some sort of advantage that you don’t have. You believe their parents helped them, or they went to the right school, or grew up in the right neighbourhood, or got in at the right time, or knew the right person, etc.

You think success is something that people stumble upon – a “right place at the right time” sort of situation. But the reality is people succeed by being the right person in the right place at the right time. In other words, they work relentlessly to prepare themselves for specific opportunities, and when those opportunities present themselves, they seize them. They don’t sit around waiting for the life they want to fall into their lap. They also typically don’t buy lottery tickets.

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