Avoid These People For Fitness Success

Wow peer pressure and a bucket full of crabs!  Sounds interesting?  Peer pressure can be the #1 downfall to a person’s fitness success!  Approaching the holiday season you will be put in situations that will test your loyality to sticking with the PLAN!  With multiple holiday parties and tempting co-workers you will really have to stick to your guns!  Don’t cave in!  Be prepared ahead of time!

In the fitness world and in life I like to visualize people as crabs.  Have you ever noticed a fisherman’s crab bucket has no lid on it?  Why?  Well when one crab tries to escape the other crabs will pull him down.  No crab ever escapes.  Dating back to the college days I lived with guys that were constantly trying to get me to fail on my diet.  Don’t get me wrong I ate my fair share of pizza and beer, but when I got serious I was 100% commited to the plan! Now while I was cooking up my chicken breast, brown rice, and brocolli, these guys were eating pizza!  They constantly ridiculed me trying to get me to fail.  Stick to your guns!  Remember “No Food Tastes As Good As The Feeling Of Having The Body Of Your Dreams”!  I love that line from Bill Phillips!

To be successful with your fitness goals stick to the “10th person theory“.  Choose your surroundings and friends wisely.  Choose 9 other people that are on the same mindset of fitness that you are.  This goes for all aspects of your life.  The goal is that you will be 1/10 of those successful people!    Avoid the crabs in life that will constantly bring you down.  Be an optimist!!

Dedicated To Your Fitness Success!haters

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HUGE Good Life Fitness 84th & Highway 2 Pre-Opening Sale

pre opening for websites

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Top 10 Super Foods

The top 10 super foods for a healthy lifestyle.  The ultimate goal of any fitness program should be to promote a healthier lifestyle.  If you are currently struggling with your health or if you are new to fitness these top 10 super foods will provide the following benefits.

  • Regulate our metabolism
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Reduce inflammation in our body
  • Reduce total cholesterol
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce the risks of cancers
  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Protect us from heart disease
  • Improve our daily energy and exercise performance


1.  Sprouted grains:lentils1

Grains such as oatmeal, lentils, barley, millet,  and wheat barley promote healthy digestion, stabilized blood sugar and also provide a high amount of daily fiber.  I personally recommend Ezekial cereal.  This cereal contains the blend of all of the sprouted whole grains.  These little gems reduce overall cholesterol and improve heart health.


2.  Blueberries:

The wild blueberries is known as the antioxidant powerhouse.  This little berry has 14mg of Vit C per cup and has the highest antioxidant level of any fruit.  Choose dried, fresh or frozen to cereal, salad, smoothies, or your yogurt.

Recommend 1/2 cup 5x per week.blueberries

3.  Wild Alaskan Salmon:

Commonly most of the salmon that Americans consume is farm raised.  Farm raised fish is fed high amounts of corn just like the large feedlot operations for cattle.  When animals are fed large amounts of corn the Omega 3 fat ratios are altered and the meat is high in Omega-6.  Omega -6 is healthy but for overall heart health we should consume a 20:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega -6.  Wild salmon contains high amounts of Omega-3.  When ordering salmon at a restaurant ask if their salmon is wild or farm raised.

Recommended (3) 6 oz servings per week.

4.  Broccoli:

Broccoli has the highest levels of polyphenols of any common vegetable.  Consuming 1/2 to 1 cup daily of broccoli is recommended.  Choose the broccoli sprouts instead of the spears.  The sprouts are 10-100x more powerful.

5.  Yogurt and Kefir:

The origin of fermented dairy products has  dated to the beginning of time.  The fermentation method has survived for many years and obviously the importance of these foods has lasted the test of time.  A healthy bacterial level is very important for overall health.  Many of our cancers originate from the colon and having a healthy level of bacteria will reduce your risks.










6.   Olive oil:

Olive oil is a great source of  monounsaturated fat.  When purchasing choose the extra virgin olive oil.  Olive oil can be added to salads, chicken breast, or drizzled over mixed vegetables.

Recommend 3 tablespoons/ day.

7.  Cinnamon:

Yes cinnamon..not cinnamon rolls or donuts:)  Cinnamon has so many heart health benefits.  Cinnamon also is a great spice to stabilize blood sugars.  Try adding it to yogurt or to your coffee!

Recommended 1-2 tablespoons per day.

8.  Avocado:

Avocado is a great source of healthy fat.  Avocado improves blood flow and also brain function. 

Recommended 1/4 or 1/2 of avocado.

9.  Walnuts:


Walnuts are a great complement to the wild salmon and also grassfed beef.  Walnuts are a high powered Omega-3 source.  Also walnuts contain Arginine which keep blood vessels smooth.  Walnuts also contain high amounts of antioxidants.

Recommend 1 small handful

10.  Spinach:

The greener the salad the better.  When making your salad choose spinach and argula as the two main sources.  Spinach is loaded with Vitamin C and lutein for eye health.  Spinach is best consumed raw as cooking destroys the vitamins.

spinachOther super foods that would make my list:

1. Grassfed beef

2. Pumpkin

3.  Flax seed

4.  Raw almonds

5.  Wild trout

6.  Green tea

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AMAZING Journey Of Health And Fitness!!

Super proud of long term client Kim Dillon- Bryant Travis Good Life Fitness personal trainer!!

Today’s AWESOMESAUCE Award goes out to Kim Dillon!
Good Life Fitness has been a big part of my life since 2011 and I’m always proud to tell people I workout there.
In 2007, I received the amazing gift of life with a kidney & pancreas transplant because of complications I suffered from Type 1 diabetes. After the transplant, I felt like with every step forward, I was taking 203 steps back with health issues. I kept fighting because I had been given a second chance at life and needed to keep my donated organs as healthy as possible.

I joined GLF & started walking on the treadmill. Ended up walking next to Steven Auxier one day and told him I was thinking about walking the Lincoln half marathon. He encouraged me to sign up for the marathon training class offered through the gym. I never thought I could walk a half marathon, let alone run one! Three Lincoln halfs later, I think I need to thank Steve for that little encouraging talk back in January 2012. He and the staff have continued to encourage me through my fitness journey.

Hands down, my biggest supporter has been Bryant Travis. He was given quite the challenge when I signed up to train with him a few years ago. With age and the daily dose of prednisone because of the transplant, I knew I needed to take care of my bones. He took all of my limitations and continued ailments and worked them into a program that has made me stronger. He knows when he can push me a little harder or when my body can’t handle any more. He is brilliant at what he does and makes it enjoyable at the same time. I always look forward to my workouts with Bryant and feel so grateful for what he has done for me.

I remember when I joined GLF, I mentioned to a friend that I liked the diversity of fitness levels and age groups of the members. The staff was so friendly and encouraged me to stick with it. That remains true today. GLF got me moving in the right direction and with their help, I’m hoping my donated organs continue working for a very long time!”



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Good Life Fitness 7 Week “Shred” Nutrition Course

cleanslateAt Good Life Fitness, I work with clients with a broad range of nutrition backgrounds, goals, dietary restrictions and concerns. More than anything else, I’ve worked with men and women who are endlessly struggling to lose weight. Many of my clients have tried fad diet after fad diet, and nothing has worked. With months and years of frustration and disappointment behind them, it seems the only thing left is to just give up.

Somewhere along this journey, we have forgotten how to nourish ourselves. Our vulnerabilities have been exploited by “quick fix” 1,200 calorie diets, appetite suppressants, and pills that “attack deep fat stores” (yeah…sure they do…). The weight loss industry is making billions of dollars every single year, and what do we have to show for it?


—-1/3 of adults are classified as obese. Almost 13 million children (17%) are labeled as obese. Over $190 billion is spent annually treating obesity-related illness. A fast food industry that’s also making billions of dollars every year. Millions and millions of people attempting to “diet” each year and failing. And an average consumption of only 1 fruit and 1 vegetable a day for both kids and adults—-

That’s what we have. And it breaks my heart.

We forgot how to eat. And what’s worse is that we’ve settled for feeling like crap all day, every day. We settle for fast, easy, and cheap food. And then spend billions of dollars on diet products.

Diets don’t work. A whole body wellness approach does. Re-education does. That’s what I have to offer you at Good Life. A practical, sustainable plan to help you feel better than you can even imagine. You will gain confidence, knowledge, and you will finally be empowered to build a new love for food and for yourself!

If you’re longing to be free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage, come see me! Starting in January I am conducting a 7 week nutrition course that will provide all of the tools for you to be successful with your fitness journey!!! 


Call 1-402-434-4444 and ask to set up a consult with Caitlynn
Facebook message me
email me at caitgillaspie@gmail.com See More


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Good Life Fitness #2 Ground Break

A HUGE Day In Fitness As Good Life Fitness #2 Ground Breaking Ceremony Took Place!!!  We Would Like To Thank Our Staff And All Of The Members For Their Dedication To Fitness!!  We Are SUPER Excited For Good Life Fitness #2  And The Wonderful Opportunity To Assist Lincoln And The Surrounding Areas!!!


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Finding The Right Health Club In 2016

glf2January marks the start of the NEW YOU in 2016. January 1 is when many take a short time to think back on the prior year and adjust what is needed to make the new year even better. Thousands of people will make strides to change their health, physical appearance. Many thinking about the plan of attack will often feel confused on the best way to maximize their changes in the shortest amount of time. The big questions are nutrition..what plan, supplements…how much and what kind and of course the exercise plan. Many will fall prey to quick fix diets, bogus supplement claims, enticing infomercial schemes, and high pressure health club promotions. With over 10,000 nutrition and exercise books all claiming to have the next answer to the ever growing obesity in America one can not help to be confused. So what is the best plan for you? Without knowing each and every one of you I have put together a little cheat sheet to help you in making the right decision. This cheat sheet could be the summary of a whole book so I will keep it brief for ya:) BEST of luck on your fitness endeavor in 2016!!! This will be your BEST year ever and I/we are SUPER excited to assist so many wonderful people at Good Life Fitness!!! We are the cure for the common workout:)

Step 1: Seeking The Best Nutrition Program For YOU!!!!

Yes nutrition should be 80% plus in importance so you must find the best plan for you. Some questions to ask when deciding your program:)

– Are the recommendations so challenging that I can not see myself doing this past 12 weeks?
– Does the program eliminate carbohydrates (grains etc) only leading to food cravings and weight gain?
– Does the program restrict calories so low that I am in ketosis?
– Does the program require supplement purchases?
– Does the program require me to drink my meals or take appetite killers?
If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions I would recommend searching for other methods that will give you LONG term fitness success. Remember we must look down the road to long term healthy patterns that lead to long term healthy habits…not short term. Your nutrition plan should contain the 3 B’s…balanced, basic, and best.

Step 2: Choosing The RIGHT Fitness Plan For YOU!!!

Choosing the right fitness plan is very important. The novice exerciser will see results in the beginning with “lilly hopping”…jumping from machine to machine or pulling articles from magazines but for LONG term results a well designed plan is critical. I HIGHLY recommend the assistance of a qualified fitness trainer to custom design your plan to your goals. Some questions to ask when deciding your program:)

– Do I struggle staying motivated past 21 days?
– Do I struggle staying motivated past 6 weeks?
– Do I struggle staying motivated past 12 weeks…as many as 65% don’t make it past this date:(
– Do I struggle to stay motivated on home DVD workouts?
– Do I find myself fast forwarding the DVD to skip scenes?
– Do I find myself becoming distracted with my home workouts and struggle getting down stairs to start?
– Do I find myself making excuses to start my workout?
– Do I see great results in the beginning but seem to plateau and the last 10# just won’t budge?

If you answered yes to 1 or more then I highly recommend the assistance of qualified fitness professional.

Step 3: Choosing The Health Club For YOU!!!

Choosing your NEW health club is an investment to adding life to your years and years to your life. You are going to be spending a considerable amount of time so you want to make the RIGHT choice for YOU! Here are some questions to ask yourself when searching for your health club.

– Does the health club have everything YOU are looking for? This is a tough decision. Working in many health clubs I had the luxury to have unlimited access to so many activities…BUT I found myself never using all of what the club had to offer. This is important because remember YOU are paying for a lot of activities that you might not ever use?
– Does the club have month/month memberships?
– Does the club have 1 year or 2 year memberships options?
– Does the club have sneaky sales promotions?
– Does the club have first/last month dues up front?
– Does the club have high pressure sales with commission driven sales people?
– Does the club have scenarios if you join now we will waive your initiation fees and other dues?
– Does the club have specials every other week and all the members are paying different rates?
– Does the club have hidden facility fees?
– Does the club have cancellation fees?
– Does the club have membership fees so low that the weight room is jam packed?
– Does the club allow children on the weight room floor?
– Does the club have members who leave weights on the machines?
– Does the club allow its members to go shirt less and shoes are not required?
– Does the club have towel service fees?
– Does the club have the hours available for you and for the child care?
– Does the club have FREE child care?
– Does your club have child care?
– Does your club have lockers/showers?
– Does your club offer enough group fitness or fitness boot camp classes to work for your schedule?
– Does your club have hours of operation for you just in case you are not able to make it to a scheduled class?

Here are some additional questions for you:)

– Does the club have a motivational atmosphere that produces results?
– Does the club know YOUR name?
– Does the club know your children’s name?
– Does the club offer nutrition and personal training services with out contracts?
– Does the club have high pressure personal trainers driven for commission and big sales commitments?
– Does the club have a friendly atmosphere to exercise in?
– Do you play basketball?
– Do you swim?
– Do you play racquetball or tennis?
– Does the club not allow you to use all of the areas of the facility ( multi purpose room or group fitness room) when unattended?
– Does the club constantly ask you for referrals while exercising?

Your health, your body, and your investment should be a well thought out adventure. You want your health club to be like a second home. Working in the health club industry for 20 years I have the HONOR to assist so many wonderful people on their fitness journey!! I wish you the most success this NEW Year!!!

Yours In Health And Prosperity!!

Steve Auxier
Good Life Fitness

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NEW Skinny Jeans Challenge!!!

Was the Summer a little rough on ya?!?  Did you gain those extra 7-10# and the jeans are feeling a little snug?!?


Check out the Good Life Fitness 6 week “skinny jeans” challenge and win AWESOME prizes from Ash & Ash and Francesca’s!!!! 


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Who Is Your Support System


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Labor Day Weekend


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