How To Choose The Right Health Club/ Boot Camp For You

With the New Year right around the corner fitness is on the minds of EVERYONE!! Making the best decision for your fitness success can sometimes be very stressful. Millions of people will search for personal trainers in studio and in home, join health clubs, and seek the assistance of nutritionist. When shopping for health clubs, boot camps/group fitness programs, and programs that are offered just for a short time frame of 6 weeks, 10 weeks, or 12 weeks here are a few questions to consider to help you make the best decision.

- Does the club have month/month memberships?
- Does the club have 1 year or 2 year memberships options?
- Does the club have sneaky sales promotions?
- Does the club have first/last month dues up front?
- Does the club have high pressure sales with commission driven sales people?
- Does the club have scenarios if you join now we will waive your initiation fees and other dues?
- Does the club have specials every other week and all the members are paying different rates?
- Does the club have hidden facility fees?
- Does the club have cancellation fees?
- Does the club have membership fees so low that the weight room is jam packed?
- Does the club allow children on the weight room floor?
- Does the club have members who leave weights on the machines?
- Does the club allow its members to go shirt less and shoes are not required?
- Does the club have towel service fees?
- Does the club have the hours available for you and for the child care?
- Does the club have FREE child care?
- Does your club have child care?
- Does your club have lockers/showers?
- Does your club offer enough group fitness or fitness boot camp classes to work for your schedule?
- Does your club have hours of operation for you just in case you are not able to make it to a scheduled class?

When searching for a qualified fitness professional to assist you with your fitness journey here are a few questions to ask before making your decision. These are questions that are often overlooked when seeking for in home or studio personal training.

- How many years of personal training have you had?
- Do you any before/after photos of your clients success?
- Have you taken college courses or have a degree in related field?
- Do you do this part time or full time?
- Do you have an updated personal training certification?
- Do you have personal liability insurance

When searching for the right fitness boot camp/group fitness program for you.

- Does the program have a start and end date?
- Does the program offer any nutritional guidance from a qualified fitness professional
- Does the instructors have an updated personal training certification?
- Does the program offer enough flexible times throughout the week?
- Does the program offer child care?
- Does the program offer showers/lockers
- Does the program offer other fitness activities to prevent fitness plateaus?
- Is the program affordable for what you receive in services?

To look and feel your best you must train with the best. Please let us know if we can assist with your fitness goals.

Good Life Fitness

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12 Week Champion- Kendra Thiem

CONGRATULATIONS to Kendra Thiem on her fitness success and AMAZING transformation in ONLY 12 weeks!!! Kendra decided to do this contest for two reasons. One, she has twin three years that have an endless amount of energy, and she was finding herself too tired after work to be able to keep up with them. Kendra works full time as a Physicians Assistant for Dr David Samani. Kendra was carrying an extra twenty pounds and it was literally weighing her down, and was not able to be the mom that her children deserved. The second reason for doing the challenge is she is a very competitive person and found it to be a very good challenge to keep her on track. Kendra had done other transformation challenges before but never for this long. She mentioned they were more like fad diets that did not teach long term, healthy eating that could be maintained after the challenge was over. Kendra found with the “shred” nutrition plan that she did not have to cut out one particular food but just learn when and what to eat to follow the plan.

Kendra’s results were AMAZING in such a short amount of time!! At the half way mark Kendra dropped 5# of bodyweight and 3 inches from her hips but she didn’t stop there. The final numbers were incredible with a total of 29# of bodyweight and a whopping 6 inches from her waist!!!

Kendra used several tools to help her succeed along the way. For nutrition Kendra met with Lauren who custom designed her nutrition program and used to track her macro’s. Another key was attending boot camp and group fitness classes to maximize her results for the amount of time she committed to. Another important factor that has helped so many succeed is writing their workouts down and receiving a signature for accountability.

SUPER proud of Kendra on her dedication to fitness and her ongoing journey to get better with ONE MEAL, ONE WORKOUT, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!


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The Simple Secrets Of Weight Loss- By Caitlynn Gillaspie

A quick Google search of “weight loss” yields…wait for it…24,500,000 results. 24,500,000!! There are millions of mixed messages out there that we have to sort through. It’s overwhelming, it’s frustrating, it’s defeating. Take the frustration out of weight loss. Stop looking for the quickest fix, the magical pill, the perfect meal replacement shake. These short-term “solutions” will only leave you disappointed. Want to know how to lose weight and keep it off?
1.) Make small lifestyle changes.
2.) Don’t change too many behaviors at once, one change at a time.
3.) STOP RESTRICTING YOUR CALORIES TOO MUCH. I cannot emphasize this one enough, eating only 800-1200 calories a day will not work. NOT EVER.
4.) Eat more fruits and vegetables!
5.) Move your body. Whether it’s a little or a lot, get some extra physical activity each day.
6.) Make friends, find a support system to hold you accountable. You need a group of people to pick you up when you fall down.
7.) Know your worth, and want the best for yourself. Stay informed, stay grounded. Believe that you can do it!


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Good Life Fitness Offers Corporate Fitness Lunch Learns

As the New Year is approaching fitness is on the minds of so many!!! Good Life Fitness is EXCITED to offer FREE lunch/learn educational topics to help motivate and encourage companies with their wellness goals!! Call (402)434-4444 or send Steve an email at for more information.


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NEW Group Fitness Class

At Good Life Fitness we understand the hardest part is getting started!! We are EXCITED to announce our NEWEST group fitness class…Keep N Fit!! Keep N Fit is a low impact tone/cardio class that will introduce the basic fundamentals of fitness. A great way to step back into fitness or help you to stay on track with your fitness goals. Come try a FREE week!!

Keep-N-Fit (2)

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AMAZING Transformation-Bill Phillips

I wanted to share a very inspiring transformation from Bill Phillips. If you have been following fitness for some time you will know who he is as he himself has transformed over 1 million people from his best selling fitness book Body For Life. Bill Phillips has been very influential in my mission today and that is to help people change their lives with ONE MEAL, ONE WORKOUT, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

One thing I know for sure, It’s not age that makes us look old and feel old, it is inactivity, calorie toxicity, and not pushing to achieve challenging and inspiring new goals


This image shows how I looked before and now in a split screen. I was in very embarrassing condition in my before. I got knocked off track a few years ago after an accident put me in a hospital bed and wheelchair for some time. My body aged fast in the time I wasn’t working out. I finally looked in the mirror one day and said “EFF this!” I was feed up with being weak and tired. I didn’t go on a diet… I got back to muscle building and fitness which is the best way to get strong and healthy and burn off bodyfat. Today, at age 50, I feel young and strong and energetic again. I didn’t rebuild my body and renew my health overnight… It was several hundred workouts between the photos and a lot of nutrition shakes and healthy meals. My experience makes it clear to me that age doesn’t keep us from being fit. Unhealthy habits continued for long periods of time causes the physical decline that most people attribute to aging. Look, we can all get off track… I did and I can tell you that the muscle goes and the fat grows pretty fast when we don’t exercise and eat right. The good news is, we can all get back on track and feel strong and healthy again. I know because I did it. You can too!

To clarify this transformation was not done at Good Life Fitness.

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Fight The Holiday Bulge November Fitness Challenge


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Good Life Fitness Employee Of The Month- Lee Johnson


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Good Life Fitness And Local Businesses Enhancing Employee Health/Fitness

The team from Good Life Fitness TEAM up with local businesses to improve the health/fitness of their employees!!! HONORED to assist the employees of Eye Surgical Associates, Lincoln Surgical Hospital and Sutton Ryan on their 100 day wellness challenge!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of the employees on their fitness success and this is just the beginning of something great!!!


Out of 24 people the total numbers were AMAZING!! The teams combined lost a total of 138.5lbs and a total of 57 inches!!! Here are the top 3 TEAMS!!!!

1st Place: Beau and Janessa Keiser- The TEAM lost a total of 49.2lbs of body weight and 44.84lbs of body fat!!

2nd Place: Amanda Williams and Tammy Davis- The TEAM lost a total of 15.4lbs of body weight and 11.24 inches!!

3rd Place: Kathy Holt and Vicky Bartling- The TEAM lost a total of 19.82 lbs of body fat!!!!

If you are looking to improve the health of your employees or start a fitness/wellness program please give Good Life Fitness a call and ask for Steve. (402)434-4444

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Preventing ACL Tears In Young Student Athletes

Nothing worse than injuring yourself our having a child injure themselves while playing sports. You know, if I hadn’t injured myself 6 years ago, I might not be so convinced of the importance of injury prevention. I now believe whether you’re a student or an adult athlete, or someone who’s simply on the road to fitness, injury prevention should be one of your main goals. It’s definitely a by-product of a effective program for a healthy lifestyle.

“Go to a boys’ basketball game and listen. You’ll hear the floor squeaking. You won’t hear that sound at a girls’ game. That’s because boys will be playing and landing with bent knees,” says Dr. Patrick Hurlbut, Lincoln Orthopedic Surgeon.

That difference, Dr. Hurlbut believes, is the most practical reason girls are four to six times more likely than boys to suffer ACL tears. Doctors have proposed a number of other explanations such as hormonal influence, a wider pelvis which might influence the stability of the knee, and a slower neuromuscular reaction time. Dr. Hurlbut thinks it’s the way girls play sports. “It’s natural for boys to play sports with bent knees,” he says, “but girls are more likely to come to a stop with straight leg and not as likely to land with soft knees when they jump.”

As long ago as 1999, Dr. Hurlbut read an article in a medical journal advocating plyometric training for young female athletes to prevent ACL trauma. The article stoked his interest in injury prevention, an interest that remained. Dr. Hurlbut was personally interested in finding someone who shared his passion and interest in a type of training designed to lessen the epidemic having two younger daughters involved in sports.

Hurlbut says, “Sports acceleration programs for student atheletes have become increasingly popular, but I’ve seen a lot of damage from these programs that just push kids until they puke. I treated one girl who suffered chronic knee pain from just three months of training. There is no evidence that strength training prevents ACL injuries, but with training that emphasizes bent knees including plyometrics, injuries can be reduced by as much as 69%.”


Check out this additional short article by Maggie Fox.

Girl Athletes Need Training to Protect Knees, Doctors Advise
By Maggie Fox

More kids are tearing up their knees playing sports, pediatricians said Monday, and they have some advice for parents: consider extra training for your young athletes.

There’s been a rise in diagnoses of a specific injury to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, a team of experts writes in the journal Pediatrics.

The increase is particularly dramatic in girls who play high school soccer, basketball, volleyball and in gymnasts, the American Academy of Pediatrics says. Girls suffer two to six times more ACL injuries than boys in similar sports, and are more likely to have surgery than boys, the group says.
Image: Girls are at special risk of ACL injuries, the American Academy of Pediatrics says. Bongarts / Getty Images file
Girls are at special risk of ACL injuries, the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

But special training can help strengthen the muscles and help the student athlete develop habits that can prevent injury, the pediatricians found.

“Neuromuscular training programs strengthen lower extremity muscles, improve core stability, and teach athletes how to avoid unsafe knee positions,” said Dr. Cynthia LaBella of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, who led the team that wrote the report.

Girls are at higher risk of ACL injury because as they grow after puberty, they don’t gain much more muscle power, said Timothy Hewett, an expert in ACL injuries at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a member of the team that wrote the report.

“After puberty, girls have a ‘machine motor mismatch,’” Hewett said. “In contrast, boys get even more powerful relative to their body size after their growth spurt. “

An ACL injury is no joke.

“An ACL injury at an early age is a life-changing event. In addition to surgery and many months of rehabilitation, the treatment costs can be substantial ($17,000–$25,000 per injury), and the time lost from school and sports participation can have considerable effects on the athlete’s mental health and academic performance,” LaBella’s team wrote.

And a 13-year-old girl with an ACL tear may suffer chronic pain into her 20s or even 30s, LaBella said.

But the injuries can be prevented with specialized training. “Plyometric training combined with technique training and feedback to athletes regarding proper form were the common components of programs that effectively reduced ACL injury rates,” they wrote.

The AAP points parents and coaches to its Council on Sports Medicine for tips.

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