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How To Get Started On NEW Fitness Goals

Okay you have just come off an emotional high!! Maybe you have come off a long season of running events or maybe you have completed several goal oriented events? On the flip side maybe you have failed to achieve that goal that you have worked your tail off for? What now? Do we dig hole and hide with a slight depression or do we start skipping workouts? NO...we get back on the horse and start riding again!! Maybe you are experiencing the "fitness blues". No worries, you are not alone!! Many stuggle with this common problem and many fail to bounce back to get on the right path to fitness success!! When you feel you have lost a battle, self-doubt is sure to follow. This is myself inspired talk on handling adversity. First let me say, I don’t plan to lose and I don’t like to lose. Heck it is downright difficult to write about losing. But we’ve all experienced it. Losses tend to bring on questions and doubts: Should I modify my approach? Change my goals? How do I beat this frustration? How do I keep my focus and confidence in me? How do I respond to the comments of my well meaning colleagues? Whatever your answers and actions will make a huge change in how your future results turn out. For me, it is important to accept that losing is not reflection of inability or lack of trying. However, the way I respond to adversity will reflect to those around me and the characteristics that define my spirit. Therefore, I will review my strategy. It helps to look inward as to why you need to keep trying. It’s not just about winning. Stay dedicated to your goals to keep the motivation positive. Characterize who you are after a losing a challenge: Looking forward not back: If you are hitting your work outs every day, continue to do so. Persevere, even if it feels like that effort isn’t meeting your expectations. Self Control: One defeat does not define you. Review your actions and your attitude. Reach out for support from a friend, Good Life Fitness team or whoever can help keep your emotions intact. Remain Positive: It is always easier to believe the negative about yourself but this is when you need to step it up and fight to maintain your balance of effort. Choose to use words and body language that express you have not lost desire to move forward. Continue to be enthusiastic and “bring it on” to your future workouts and the next challenge. Choose to be supportive and confident every time you open your mouth. Be Accountable: Justify your effort and actions so that you will be able to make good decisions for yourself. Listen and Learn: Have you heard the saying, “You can learn more from losing than winning”. Find that teacher, within you, that can objectively and constructively aid your learning for the next time. At the end of any type of challenge the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience. To finish a challenge is a WIN not a LOSS! Move forward with the attitude and strength, turn discouragement to encouragement there’s always a next time! Author, My Mirror A big thank you to Gloria Brink!! You inspire me with your wisdom:))Share it! Facebooktwitter