From Beach Body P90X To N-10sive Boot Camps

Background-Good Life Fitness has been a key element to my fitness transformation.  I’ve always been an active individual, playing sports in high school and college.  After organized sports ran its course I tried to occupy my free time by working out at the gym or doing P90X or Insanity workouts.  The gym allowed me to maintain my current fitness level but never really improve, I simply wasn’t dedicated enough to push myself when no one was looking.  P90X and Insanity are great workouts and I was able to see results but it became boring/dull doing the same workout over and over again.  I soon found myself not pushing myself, fast forwarding the workout, and finally skipping workouts all together.  I never really got completely out of shape all together but I definitely wasn’t pushing myself to improve my fitness level either. Workouts-In late November I joined Good Life Fitness to participate in N10sive boot camps.  I was very skeptical at first thinking that the workouts would be a walk in the park.  WRONG.  It was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done.  In fact, a lot of days as I leave the gym I’m thinking to myself that was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done.  That is the great thing about this place.  Once you show up there is no stop button or slacking off or taking breaks.  I also find myself constantly sore which means these workouts are really doing their job.  I personally am very competitive by nature and love to set the pace in class if I can but not at the expense of sacrificing form.  When Steve talks about “how we can make the workouts harder” I personally think if you have to ask that question you’re not doing them right.  Every day is a challenge if you follow the instructions and push yourself. Nutrition-Equally important as the intense workouts is your nutrition plan.  Good Life’s nutritionists designed a customized diet for me based on my activity level that included calorie intake per day, what to eat, when to eat, etc…I try and stick to that nutrition plan as close as I can during the week.  I certainly have my “cheat days” and have never said “no” to chips and salsa but by avoiding keeping those foods in the house I eat them less frequently.  Good Life has also provided us with some great recipes to mix up our meal plan instead of eating the same food every day.  I’ve been a big fan of the Myofusion protein that is sold at Good Life and just recently started taking the “Super Charge” pre workout drink that I feel has improved my energy and focus during workouts.  I also prefer to work out in the morning because when I do I feel that I have better self control when picking foods to snack on.  If I’ve just killed myself on a workout that morning I don’t want to go and offset it by eating something unhealthy. Results- I’ve been a member six months now and my body weight has dropped from 177 lbs to 158 lbs.  My body fat % has dropped from 12.5% to 6.6% and I have no intentions of being satisfied.  These work outs are addicting, exciting, and always changing.  You can’t say the same with a DVD workout.  In addition to the results I’ve seen on the scale, the friendships I’ve developed over the past 6 months are equally as rewarding.   Share it! Facebooktwitter