Good Life Fitness Hosts U.S. Army Training

Good Life Fitness recently hosted a TEAM training with the U.S. Army for Lincoln Pius X football team!! This event was a HUGE success and we wish you luck this upcoming football season!!! To schedule your own TEAM training contact



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7 Tips To Help Fathers Look And Feel Your BEST!

With today’s busy lifestyles it is not uncommon for fathers to put their own health on the back burner to take care of their families:) I have 7 helpful tips to help fathers look and feel their best:) Please enjoy this special post that is dedicated to all of the wonderful fathers:)

1. Make Time For Yourself- It is the fatherly instinct to take care of your family first and then yourself last. I commonly find fathers putting their health and fitness on the back burners to provide the care for the family-this is a big NO NO. Your family depends on you being healthy and having all your cylinders firing efficiently. So make fitness a priority; IT IS NOT BEING SELFISH!

2. Sit Down And Eat- With our busy lifestyles I commonly find many fathers standing and eating. It is very important that you sit down and take time to eat a balanced meal. I think a great goals is for your meal to last 20 minutes!

3. Don’t Be The Human Garbage Disposal- Mindless eating is a huge killer when trying to get in tip top shape. Be very disciplined when preparing the meals. Many people snack while they are cooking or they eat their children’s left overs when cleaning up. Studies show mindless eating attibutes to 500-1000 extra calories therefore causing a large waist line.

4. Skipping Workouts- It is very important that you are dedicated to your weekly workouts. I recommend combining your cardiovascular and resistance training in one session. If you struggle with your children’s activities then try the morning or over your lunch hour workouts. Studies show a 90% success rate for morning fitness workouts to produce long term fitness consistency.

5. Mini Workouts- Something is better than nothing. Honestly if you are running short on time try doing mini workouts. Go for a interval run that involves sprint/jog intervals. Try incorporating big bodyweight movements like burpees or jump ropes for a 30/15 interval program. Do 30 seconds of intense work followed by 15 seconds of rest.

6. Don’t Skip Breakfast- The most important meal of the day is breakfast . Truthfully one method in the developing stages of a sumo wrestler is to have them skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will slow the metabolism down.

7. Kick The Diet Soda Habit- Kicking this habit will put you one step closer to dominating the soda and beer gut:)


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Good Life Fitness TEAMS Up With Arbor Day Foundation!!!

Not ALL Good Life Fitness members personal achievements are weight loss and body fat related. I LOVE this story from GLF member, Cindy Allgood.

Cindy was a smoker for 32 years. Last August Cindy’s company, Arbor Day Foundation, teamed up with Good Life Fitness for a 100 Day Challenge to improve the health, wellness, fitness levels, energy and camaraderie of their employees. Cindy took the Challenge, and besides workouts and nutrition changes, also gave up smoking!

Cindy could feel the lingering effects of her smoking during her Boot Camp classes. However, just recently she hit a NEW milestone! In fact, it was National Running Day when Cindy went zipping past me and yelled, “I did it! I just ran to the cage and back without stopping for the FIRST time ever!”

From a smoker, to a runner! Cindy Allgood is what GLF is all about! GREAT job on your continued fitness milestones!

Real results.
One meal. One workout. One day at a time!


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Good Life Fitness 6 Week “Shred” Transformation Challenge Champions


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Nebraska Army National Guard 100 Day Challenge


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#1 Gym In Nebraska Voted By Men’s Fitness Magazine!!!

We are SUPER excited to announce Men’s Fitness magazine has voted Good Life Fitness as the #1 gym in Nebraska and the TOP 50 gyms in America!! As a local owned business this is HUGE as we pride on customer service and working with other local businesses!!! We are HONORED to assist so many people on their fitness journey and no job is more rewarding!!!!!! We would like to thank our members and the city of Lincoln and surrounding communities for their ongoing support!! Last but least we would like to thank our staff who is the #1 in the UNIVERSE for their dedication to assist everyone with ONE MEAL, ONE WORKOUT, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

weight room1

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Common Questions About Boot Camp

Yes the name boot camp is scary! Keep reading below as I answer some common questions about our N-10sive Boot Camps!

Why you should do an N-10sive Boot Camp?

The N-10sive Boot Camp will provide you with best results period! The benefits that you will receive from are camps are backed up by a 100% money back GUARANTEE within the first 10 days! N-10sive Fitness Systems has designed the best boot camp with the highest qualified instructors who combine 35 years teaching experience! The boot camp workout will give you the most diversified workout involving weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, short distance running, long distance running, yoga, and core work! There is no other workout that gives you the benefits of these methods in 1 hour! You will be balanced in all types of fitness!

Do I have to bring my own dumbbells and fitness equipment?

At N-10sive Boot Camps we provide every piece of equipment that you will need. Just bring your hard hat and lunch pale and get ready to work on your body!!

Are your boot camps 100% outside?

No we are a inside/outside boot camp that never cancels do to weather. If it is raining, snowing, or 90+ degrees we do not go outside?

Does your indoor camps have air conditioning?

Yes we are a full fitness facility equipped with lockers/showers, FREE child care, and a HUGE cardio/weight room.

What kind of results can I expect from boot camp?

Results vary from person to person. A large part of making those remarkable results is from making wise nutrition choices and being consistent attending boot camp. With multiple certified nutritionists on staff we are here you assist you along the way. You can expect a decrease of 3-5% in body fat, an increase in strength and endurance, and a decrease of 2-4 inches around that stubborn midsection!

I am worried that I am too out of shape.

This is understandable but all fitness levels are welcome. If you are a beginner or a veteran exerciser you will be challenged to your fitness level. No one is ever left behind! Our goal is to push you out of your comfort zone but also keeping mind your fitness level. During the class I have the repetitions divided from Level 1 up to Level 3 so everybody is being pushed to their fitness level to achieve results.

I like to exercise alone.

How long has your body been in a rut? Do you challenge yourself or skip workouts on low motivation days? Do you stop short when you feel fatigued? Our mind is the weakest muscle. You will be pushed safely to your fitness level. The boot camp builds accountability and group support which provides long lasting results.

What if I have bad knees and can not squat or run?

The squat is the most common movement we do in life. When it comes to injuries there are modifications to all exercises. Each exercise is shown with modifications for those that have joint issues. Personally rupturing 7 quadricep tendons I have a tender heart for the knees, so don’t let this scare you from enjoying exercise.

I am worried about becoming big and bulky from weight training.

In my 20+years of experience, I have never witnessed this common myth. The boot camp involves body weight exercises, light dumbbells, resistance bands, and body bars which gives you the full spectrum of training methods. Your boot camp class is constantly changing which prevents boredom and lack of results. We incorporate yoga, weightlifting, gymnastic movements, distance running, sprints, power walking, and core exercises.

What if I am not a runner, do I still have to run?

In boot camp we do run. If you are not a runner we encourage short interval running or a change of cadence in your walking. If you are a sprinter then the change up to running 1-2 miles is good, or if you are a distance runner the short sprint intervals will improve your distance running ability.

I am not able to afford the boot camp?

Actually the boot camp is the most affordable method of training. With a small group setting you are receiving the individual attention from a highly qualified trainer at the fraction of the cost of private personal training. With your boot camp you will receive unlimited support! We are here for you! You can choose from unlimited to 2x per week. The other great benefit of joining our N-10sive Fitness systems is the addition of our N-10sive KBX and N-10sive Fusion. You will have enough variety to keep the results coming! Our boot camps are taught 6x per week with the addition of 5x week of our N-10sive Fitness System! Normally a private personal training session would cost you anywhere from $50-$70, and with 3+ sessions a week for 4 weeks, your monthly bill would be from $600-$1,100 plus an additional gym membership!

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Good Life Fitness “TEAM”

The key to long term fitness success is surrounding yourself with “like minded” individuals who are striving to be their best!!! The Good Life family is “STRONG” with encouragement and unlimited support to help you with ONE MEAL, ONE WORKOUT, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!

TEAM N-10sivereddirt


paige22013-04-26 21.27.14


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Lincoln’s #1 Group Fitness Program

Good Life Fitness is Lincoln’s premier fitness facility with over 120 fitness class a week!! YES 120 fitness class a week!! We strive on delivering the BEST experience starting with our friendly staff, top notch cardio/weight room, and to top it off Lincoln’s #1 fitness instructors!! Check out a sneak peak of our NEWEST fitness class N-10sive TRX!!!

For a full list of all our classes and class descriptions check out the link below.

For a FREE week please check out our FREE week signup box.

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Steve Auxier
Good Life Fitness

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Time Is The Deciding Factor In Fitness Success

So many people put off today for tomorrow. All to often I hear I’ll start tomorrow or next week or even someday. Time unfortunately is the deciding factor for fitness success! Through the years you might have started and stopped and maybe you have even tried to improve your fitness but find yourself getting side tracked and falling off the wagon. You can’t change your past fitness failures or setbacks…but you can determine NOW. I know you may have joined a gym, bought some home workout equipment or videos or even attempted the latest fad diet and that OK. The key is at least you tried! So what now?

The will to finally change starts with making the decision to change your unhealthy habits and slowly work on incorporating healthy patterns. You can not focus on perfection…but rather progress. You might struggle with the power to change, but you must be positive and every small victory is a VICTORY!! Procrastination and fear are the #1 killers of your success. You have to start NOW…to delay will make the decision even harder to pursue. Time is always working against you. Remember the following:

- Your friends can’t help make the decision for you
- Your husband can’t help make the decision for you
- Your wife can’t help make the decision for you
- Your co workers can’t help make the decision for you

The decision is yours! Ask yourself the following question:

Are you changing to please others…if you answered YES then your long term success will be rocky. If you are changing for YOU…then you will be successful. Changing for you is NOT selfishness! Changing for you is NOT selfishness…but self responsibility!

Get started with your next snack/meal. Every day is a great day to better yourself and HONOR your shrine!!

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Steve Auxier
Good Life Fitnesssomeday

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