HUGE 1 Year Anniversary Sale At Good Life Fitness- EXPIRES December 16th!!

We Are EXCITED To Announce Our 1 Year Anniversary For The NEW Good Life Fitness On 84th Highway 2!!!!  We Are Celebrating With Our HUGE Membership And Personal Training Specials!!!  Thank You Lincoln And Surrounding Communities For All Of Your Support For Allowing Good Life Fitness The Opportunity To Assist You All On Your Fitness Goals!!!   Gym Only Membership: ONLY $22.99/mo Gym Plus Group Fitness: ONLY $27.99/mo Fitness Boot Camp: ONLY $99/mo All Memberships Include: : Access To Both Good Life Fitness Locations : FREE Tanning : FREE Child Care : Full Cardio/Weight Room : HUGE Women's ONLY Fitness Room SPECIAL: Expires December 16th At 10p.m.  certain restrictions apply.Share it! Facebooktwitter

Good Life Fitness HUGE Cyber Monday Sale- 1 Day ONLY! ( EXP Nov 27th)

Today Only!!  HUGE Cyber Monday Membership And Personal Training Sale!!!!  Sale EXPIRES November 27th At Midnight!!!! Cyber Monday2 Share it! Facebooktwitter

The NEW “Gold” Pre-Opening Sale

With an OVERWHELMING response from our platinum sale we decided to offer our next Pre-Opening Gold special!!!pre-openinggoldspecialShare it! Facebooktwitter

Finding The Right Health Club For You In 2016

Choosing The Right Gym For YOU!!! Choosing your NEW health club, gym, or “boutique fitness” is an investment of adding life to your years and years to your life. You are going to be spending a considerable amount of time so you want to make the RIGHT choice for YOU! Here are some questions to ask yourself when searching for your health club.
  •  Does the health club, gym, or “boutique fitness” have everything YOU are looking for? This is a tough decision. Working in the fitness industry I have had the luxury to have unlimited access to so many activities…BUT I found myself never using all of what the club had to offer. This is important because remember YOU are paying for a lot of activities that you might not ever use?
  • Does the facility offer punch cards? If so they are knowing you will never complete them all or LOSE the card.  Good marketing tactic.
  • Does the club have month/month memberships?  If not keep shopping!!
  •  Does the club have 1 year or 2 year memberships options?  If so keep shopping!!!  These clubs LOVE you because they are banking on you not coming past 12 weeks:( 
  •  Does the club have sneaky sales promotions? – Does the club have first/last month dues up front? – Does the club have high pressure sales with commission driven sales people? – Does the club have scenarios if you join now we will waive your initiation fees and other dues? – Does the club have specials every other week and all the members are paying different rates? – Does the club have hidden facility fees? – Does the club have cancellation fees? – Does the club have membership fees so low that the weight room is jam packed? – Does the club allow children on the weight room floor? – Does the club have members who leave weights on the machines and the equipment is OUT OF ORDER? – Does the club allow its members to go shirt less and shoes are not required? – Does the club have towel service fees? – Does the club have the hours available for you and for the child care? – Does the club have FREE child care? Does your club have child care and it is an extra fee?!?  Why should you pay extra for this as you are probably paying for child care services already? – Does your club have lockers/showers…do they function properly? – Does your club offer enough group fitness or fitness boot camp classes to work for your schedule OR do you have to adjust your schedule to fit theirs? – Does your club have hours of operation for you just in case you are not able to make it to a scheduled class?
Here are some additional questions for you:) – Does the club have a motivational atmosphere that produces results? – Does the club know YOUR name? – Does the club know your children’s name? – Does the club offer nutrition and personal training services with out contracts? – Does the club have high pressure personal trainers driven for commission and big sales commitments? – Does the club have a friendly atmosphere to exercise in? – Do you play basketball…IF NOT why are you paying for it? Do you swim…IF NOT why are you paying for it? Do you play racquetball or tennis…IF NOT why are you paying for it? – Does the club not allow you to use all of the areas of the facility ( multi purpose room or group fitness room) when unattended? – Does the club constantly ask you for referrals while exercising DOES the gym that you tried a FREE week at constantly solicit you OR was it really a FREE week…or just a sneaky sale promotion to get you in the door?!? Your health, your body, and your investment should be a well thought out adventure. You want your health club to be like a second home. Working in the health club industry for 20 years I have the HONOR to assist so many wonderful people on their fitness journey!! I wish you the most success this NEW Year!!! Yours In Health And Prosperity!! Steve Auxier   platinumextendedShare it! Facebooktwitter

Top 7 Tips To Prevent Fitness Procrastination

Fitness procrastination and fear are two of the biggest reasons why people either plateau or never make their health a priority. Many that regret taking the first step use phrases such as "would of", "should of", or "could of". A common phrase many also use is "some day". Many people that have not committed to improving the quality of their life will say "ya someday I'll start eating healthy or ya someday I will start working out". With the New Year starting tomorrow thousands of people will start on their fitness to make new changes but yet so many will slowly drop off by month 3. Sad but true! Here are my top 7 tips to prevent fitness procrastination!!!\ 1. Early Bird- Yes the early morning right before your busy day starts is key to long term procrastination. Early morning fitness has a 90% success rate. 2. DREAM Big- You must dream BIG and set your ceiling high!! Many go getters dream big:) 3. Remove your fears- No one would ever start if they did not identify the obstacles that place fear in our minds. Form the solution of how to overcome the obstacles once identified. 4. Your Group Support- The right people with the right mindset is key. I have found the days that I lack motivation are the days that your support group of people can motivate and encourage you to stay on track. 5. Commit to excellence- Dedication and moving towards your fitness goals with determination is the right mind set. 6. Do what you love- Just like your profession, fitness is very similar. You must choose the fitness type that you love to prevent boredom and long term plateaus. BUT balance is very important:) 7. Write your goals down- To know where you are and where you want to go I highly recommend to write your goals down and place a date of completion next to them. Very important. slowprogressShare it! Facebooktwitter