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Welcome Erin Spilker To The Good Life Family!!!!

We are SUPER excited to have Erin Spilker as our NEWEST boot camp instructor!!! Erin’s own personal transformation has been INCREDIBLE and her passion to help others succeed is contagious!! Welcome to the Good Life family!!!


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NEW Group Fitness Class-N-10sive Jam


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HUGE Back To School Special


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AWESOME Sauce Personal Training Award


AWESOME SAUCE AWARD is going out to Morgan Benes! I have noticed Morgan in the gym…a lot…and working hard in classes and in the gym, so I asked her about her new enthusiasm.

She said:
“Well I started because I was tired of being tired all the time and last year when I ran the Glow Run it took me 50 minutes to run 2 miles. I kept thinking of how much I used to lift in high school so I looked for a serious gym so I could get a personal trainer. It hasn’t been easy because I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so everything has been rough. Losing weight doesn’t happen as easily as it does for normal people. My motivation was just to get healthy, but since I’ve signed up for the Good Life Halfsey I’m focused on crushing it!

Lauren Merchant Glf Trainer has seriously been so helpful and supportive. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer/friend. She’s always pushing me to do better and is running the Good Life Halfsy with me! I don’t think I could stay motivated going to any other gym because everyone is always so eager to help and ask how I am doing and you guys are always encouraging me. I brag about you guys all the time!

I would hope other people who are struggling could look at me and realize they just need to keep pushing because that’s the only way to succeed!”

Morgan also told me today she has had several people tell her how they have been inspired by her and the extra work she’s been putting in! GREAT JOB, Morgan! Keep up the AWESOME work!

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TEAM Good Life Goes UNDEFEATED!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Team Good Life on a successful undefeated season in the U8 Junior Salt Dog league this year. Team Good Life was the only undefeated team out of 40 teams coached by Scott Klein!!!!! Wow!! SUPER proud of the boys and the skills of hard work and consistency will carry over for years to come!! GREAT job!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TEAM!!!!


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Check Out What’s NEW At Good Life Fitness!!!!

Check Out What’s NEW At Good Life Fitness!!!!!!




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Good Life Fitness Member Drops OVER 100#!!!!

AMAZING job to Maria Bernabe on her 1 year transformation at Good Life Fitness!!

It has been over a year but today I have accomplished one of my goals, as of today I have lost a total of 101 lbs. I feel AMAZING. I still need a few more pounds to go put I WILL get there slowly but surely I would have never thought that I could accomplish such an amazing goal. Thanks to my family, co-workers and friends that believed in me and gave me that positive motivation that I could it. I want to thank Goodlife Fitness for having AMAZING instructors that gave me that energy and motivation to accomplish my goal!!!!!


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Good Life Fitness 6 Week “Shred” Transformation Challenge Winners!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 6 week transformation champions!! AMAZING results for ONLY being 6 weeks!!!!!


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Which Path Will You Follow?

Just think about it…are you doing the right exercise combinations or the right nutrition program to give you your fitness success? Thinking back to my earliest exposure to fitness I knew only one way workout? I guess it was the right way or I wouldn’t be where I am today? But what if there was a better way? What if there was another approach that I missed that could have given me even better results? I am inspired to find the answers to help our growing obesity epidemic…what combinations or approach will solve this?

I had the pleasure to meet one of the smartest trainers ever:) Brian Bailey is a unique individual who is constantly testing the current research to see if there is a better way to get results. I remember having a conversation with Brian about what type of program was the best fat burning program to maximize results in a short amount of time. Brian’s reply was ” what do you think”? Well as the conversation went on I went ahead as a young trainer spilling out all of these facts about this and that and how this was what I thought really worked…blah blah blah:). I think Brian could tell I was all fired up and eager to go with my new found knowledge but Brian replied by saying ” why don’t you try doing the opposite of what you read”? Well I was shocked!!! If the text books say this then this must be the only way…right…wrong? Who makes the almighty blue print of fitness? Brian had me think ”outside the box”. Brian constantly reminded me that there might be a better way and to keep an open mind when it comes to fitness. Brian stated that” fitness research is like the weather in Nebraska…constantly changing”! With new research contradiction…which way is the best?

I truly believe that in fitness, you constantly need to be looking for combinations that produce results. Try it and if does not work then make a note of this and move on.

Here are some random thoughts to think about when evaluating your program.

Why do we keep trying the same program layout and the end results are still not there? Have you ever wondered for as long as I can remember why we do weight training first for roughly 30 minutes followed by a cardiovascular exercise for 30-45 minutes? Why is this the norm in commercial gyms?
Why do we always train the core at the end of the workout when we are already tired..why not first?
Why is the heart rate our #1 indicator of our intensity? How about physical exertion or RPE scale?
Why do we train the largest muscle groups first then following the smaller accessory groups?
Why do we rest 48 hours in between exercing the same muscle groups? Gymnasts or Easter Bloc countries do not follow these physiology rules?
Who sets the standard for how much protein is needed to maximize lean muscle synthesis?
Why do we eat our fruit at end of the meal? Why not first?

The conversation from Brian Bailey educated me on there is not one cookie cutter program for everyone! Each and everyone of you are unique and your program in design should have this ideology! Make educated guesses…avoid fitness gimicks or quick fixes. I truly believe that hard work and consistent dedication is the true prescription for fitness success. Avoid wasting your time in the gym with a program that does not intrigue you or produce personal satisfaction! Do you have luminosity from your end results?

The fitness professionals possess a true passion to help our members improve their physical well-being through proper nutrition and exercise. Regardless of age or fitness level we do not implement one standard program for our clients.

Be inspired by the will to experiment with your body and explore your endless potential to keep on the road to your fitness success! Do not become tunneled vision with your endeavor. Seek the assistance of a pill_sandwichcertified personal trainer to help guide you along to your fitness success.

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Good Life Fitness

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