Amazing Legs In Only 15 Minutes

Bring on the Daisy Duke short shorts. This 15 minute booty blasting workout will bring out those sexy curves from your butt right down to your calves. Exercise #1: Forward lunges stepping forward: Hold additional dumbbells for extra intensity. Complete 15-20 per leg depending on your fitness level! Okay guys I know but this will work for us to:) Short Burst#1: High knees in place for 30 seconds Repeat this sequence 3x Exercise #2: High bench step ups: Choose a box 12-24inches high. Hold additional dumbbells for extra intensity. Keep foot up on box until desired reps are completed. Complete 15-20 reps per leg depending on your fitness level. Short Burst #2: Mountain Climbers: Complete 15-20 per leg. Really make long strides to maximize the butt, hamstrings, and hips! Repeat this sequence 3x Exercise #3: RDL's: Using dumbbells ranging from 5-20# for extra intensity. Keep a tight flat back, look straight ahead, slight knee bend. Push hips back and lower the dumbbells to mid shin level. Really try to keep your weight on your heels of your foot. Squeeze the hamstrings and butt at the top. Complete 15-20 reps depending on your fitness level. Short Burst#3: Burpees: Perform for 30 seconds: Start upright and lower yourself into kneeling position then push feet back into a pushup position. Then hop legs back into the kneeling position and thrust upwards with feet leaving the floor. The key is consistency of technique before intensity. KEEP ABS TIGHT AND HAVE SOFT KNEES WHEN LANDING:) Complete 3x Exercise #4: Dirty dogs: Have you ever watched a male dog pee on a fire hydrant:) Basically kneeling on the ground keep your knee angled and elevate your leg upwards. Go slow! Perform 15-20 repetitions per leg Short Burst#4: Ice skaters: Perform for 30 seconds. The ice skater really targets the outer hips and thighs. This is a good plyometric movement. The best desription is leaping back and forth side to side. Keep on your toes! Repeat 2x Exercise #5: Wide stance squats: The squats with a wider than shoulder width stance, toes angled outwards with target inner thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Perform 15-30 repetitions depending on your fitness level. Use additional weight with dumbbells, medicine balls, or barbell weight. Short Burst# 5 Cheerleader jumps: This exercise is AWESOME! Place feet heel to toe formation. Squat down and jump upwards. Make sure to land with a soft knee. Perform for 30 seconds Repeat 2x Share it! Facebooktwitter