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Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Be Addicted To Failure

Ever wonder why people fail to achieve their dreams (goals) or are constantly spinning like a hamster on a wheel in their cage? To make everlasting transformations long term we must first change what is between our ears. Our mindset must be a focus first and the rest will follow.

If you’re searching for the secrets to success, they aren’t hard to find. There are thousands of books, seminars, podcasts, articles, interviews, videos, and courses all dedicated to teaching you how to succeed. And yet even with all of this incredible information available at little to no cost, so many of us continue to live in mediocrity and will never taste success.

The reality is that you can have all the right knowledge, but if you hold on to the wrong beliefs or behaviors, you are more likely to meet with failure than you are with success. Failure is not always a bad thing, as long as you are learning from the mistakes and are correcting your behaviors and actions to reach success. Fortunately there are signs that serve as warnings that you may be on the path to constant failure. By acknowledging these signs, and making changes when necessary, you increase your odds of success dramatic.

By Tyler Basu.

How To Stop Failing By Changing Your Behaviors

1. You’re addicted to the approval of others

When it’s time to make an important decision, instead of trusting your logic and intuition, you consult with the people around you first. You value the opinions of others more than you value your own. This emotional addiction to the approval of others stems from your lack of self-confidence, and your desire to please everyone.

Successful people are very particular about whose advice they ask for. They make sure to only consider the opinion of someone who has a track record of success with the issue at hand. They don’t concern themselves with the opinions of anyone and everyone, especially when it comes to issues that those people have little or no experience with. At the end of the day, they do what they feel is right – not what other people convince them to do.

2. You entertain yourself instead of educating yourself

You work a full time job and you might even have a decent career, but you haven’t opened a book since college, and the only extra training you’ve taken was required by your employer. The thought of going to networking events in your industry, reading books, listening to podcasts, or going to seminars to learn new skills and get new ideas is completely foreign to you.

Instead of spending your spare time investing in yourself and your ability to provide more value to the marketplace, you distract yourself with entertainment that adds no real value to your life or your productivity. You watch television often, you always know who won the game, and you can be found in nightclubs regularly.

3. You blame others for your circumstances

You’re not satisfied with where you are in life, but you have a perfect explanation for it. Essentially, none of it is your fault. You blame your boss, your coworkers, your parents, your educators, your childhood, even the economy for your lack of success.

You refuse to take 100% responsibility for your results. You refuse to acknowledge that YOU are in control of your life, and you get to steer yourself in whatever direction you choose.

4. You’re afraid of making mistakes

You’re afraid of failure, so you do whatever you can do avoid making mistakes. You forget that in the real world failure is not good or bad, it is simply feedback. But instead of learning from the valuable feedback that failure provides, you try to avoid it entirely. When you make a mistake, you cover it up and hope no one notices. You also put off making decisions because you’re afraid of making the wrong one. It takes you a long time to finally make a decision, and you change your mind often.

5. You stay in relationships that obviously aren’t working

You have a tendency to date people who bring you more problems than pleasure. You often tolerate behaviors that you know are unacceptable, and because you tolerate them they continue. Maybe you carry unresolved issues from previous relationships into your current one. Maybe you struggle with a low self-image so the standard you have for others isn’t very high. Whatever the case is, you must understand that your choice of spouse has a major impact on your life and success. If the person you’re with now is inhibiting your happiness and success, cut them lose and raise your standards.

6. You’re addicted to drama

Your life is a lot like an episode from a reality TV show. You are rarely on good terms with all of the people around you. You gossip about others often, and surprise surprise, they gossip about you too. The people you spend time with are known for arguing with each other, flirting with each other’s spouses, lying, and generally just causing problems between each other regularly. Instead of disassociating yourself from these types of people, you jump right in and add fuel to the fire. Heck, maybe you’re even the star of the show.

7. You spend time with people who are going nowhere

Jim Rohn, who was considered to be America’s Foremost Business Philosopher, once said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Unfortunately you spend most of your time with people who do not support or encourage your success. The people around you have no ambitions, no goals, and no concrete plans to improve their life. They seem to think that success is something that happens to other people, but not to them. You sometimes share an ambitious idea with these people, but they are quick to crush it.

Successful people know that the attitudes of the people around them are contagious, so they intentionally surround themselves with people who will encourage them and push them to higher levels. They know that they can’t afford to adopt the beliefs, thoughts, and habits of mediocre people if they are going to continue succeeding.

8. You’re careless with money

You often run out of money before you run out of month. You’re living paycheck to paycheck and you invest nothing for the future. You carry a balance on your credit cards, you take vacations you can’t afford, and you often buy expensive things impulsively. You spend money trying to look successful, but your balance sheet tells a different story. You hardly have any savings. You certainly don’t have a retirement plan. You don’t have any assets that make money for you, and your spending habits are your biggest liability.

You sometimes come close to acknowledging the truth about your situation, but instead of facing it and changing it, you let it continue. Thinking about your finances gives you a headache, and you prefer to avoid the subject entirely.

9. You have dreams (great) but no set goals (not so great)

You often imagine a more desirable version of your life, but instead of working towards making that vision a reality, you settle for your present circumstances. You complain often, but change little. You say you want certain things, but you do nothing to obtain them. You wish for your life to get better, but you make no commitment to improve yourself or your circumstances.

Successful people are driven by clear, specific goals. Their goals are what guide their decisions and their daily activities, and they rarely let a day pass by without doing something to bring them closer to achieving them. Their dreams aren’t something they sleep with at night; their dreams are something they wake up and chase.

10. You think successful people got lucky

The final sign that you’re addicted to failure is you believe that people who are successful got lucky – that they had some sort of advantage that you don’t have. You believe their parents helped them, or they went to the right school, or grew up in the right neighbourhood, or got in at the right time, or knew the right person, etc.

You think success is something that people stumble upon – a “right place at the right time” sort of situation. But the reality is people succeed by being the right person in the right place at the right time. In other words, they work relentlessly to prepare themselves for specific opportunities, and when those opportunities present themselves, they seize them. They don’t sit around waiting for the life they want to fall into their lap. They also typically don’t buy lottery tickets.

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Powerful Quotes From Navy Seals

Love motivational quotes and motivating people!!! NOTHING better than driven people and people who want to make a difference!!! Check out these awesome Navy Seal quotes!!!

1. seal1

2. seal2

3. seal3

4. seal4

5. seal5

6. seal6

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Want Fitness Success? Surround Yourself With Amazing People

We all want to be amazing and we were born to WIN! If we want fitness success we must surround ourselves with amazing people who will uplift us to our goals! The people that we surround ourselves with are the key to our success.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with”.- Jim Rohn

This statement holds true in so many areas of our lives and I can give you so many examples of how this has helped me. In my powerlifting days I trained, read, listened to and surrounded myself with people who were stronger and smarter than me. I found that training with super strong people pushed me out of my comfort level to achieve higher standards for myself and the people who were super smart motivated me to learn more from them. In fitness you will find all types of people. You will find people who work their tail off and take no short cuts in the quest to hit their goals. We will cross paths with people who are looking for the short cut method and are NOT willing to put in their time or hard work for their results. AVOID these people who are there only for their own personal growth by taking advantage of you. When you hang out with super motivated driven people your whole attitude changes and you will start finding yourself achieving more in all areas of your life. This was also true when I ran my first half marathon. My running group was very dedicated and never cancelled which is key in the beginning. The group had all levels of runners but we were all there for the same common goal. In this group we had a very fast runner who pushed us to up our game to get better and I found this very rewarding in so many ways.

In the fitness world the key is surrounding yourself with like minded motivated people. Often times we can control our environment and if you find your environment pulling you away from your fitness goals…remember YOU have the power to change. Here is a little homework assignment for you. I guarantee this will help uplift you and within time you will notice changes in all areas of your life. Okay…here it is. Make two lists. The first list is the current people that you are associated with that will improve your life. These people are there to support you and for the fitness example these are people who motivate you, support you, and encourage you to keep going. The second list is a list of people that you are associated with who will drag you down. These people are the ones who are negative, pessimistic, nay sayers, and the ones who are constantly trying to sabotage you to fail. Your goal once identified is to slowly separate yourself from the list of people who bring you down. You will notice a difference.

Does your fitness environment inspire you and lead you to your fitness goals? Are you getting better or are you staying the same?!?!?

“Don’t join an easy crowd. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform and achieve are high” Jim Rohn

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Good Life Fitness Pairs Up With Other Local Businesses!!!!

Congratulations Lincoln Nebraska in being ranked as the #1 fittest city!!! We at Good Life Fitness are HONORED to assist so many people on their fitness journey’s with ONE MEAL, ONE WORKOUT, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!! Our goal is to help encourage and educate people on making small daily changes in their lifestyle for long term health/fitness success!! In this venture we have TEAMED up with local restaurants in Lincoln to provide a healthy menu option. Check out our latest “shred” menu at Greta’s Gourmet!!! For a full list of other “shred” menu options throughout Lincoln visit this link.

A HUGE thank you all of the local Lincoln businesses for their support in making Lincoln healthy:)

Shred Diet Menu_03 04 14

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Don’t Skip The 3 B’s For Fitness Success

Don’t skip the 3 b’s for fitness success!!! To be honest if you are looking for real fast short term success in weight loss then you should follow a low carbohydrate nutrition plan. To be honest if you are looking for a major roller coaster of frustration and weight gain then you should follow a low carbohydrate nutrition plan. The carbohydrates does get a bad reputation and is feared by so many when they are trying to lose weight and/or reduced their body fat. To better understand why people lose weight so quickly on low carbohydrate can be very confusing but here is a simple explanation for ya.

The primary reason that quick fix low carb/no carb diets work for weight loss is that by eliminating an entire macro group overall caloric intake is greatly reduced. Extremely low carb diets may work in the short term to lose weight on the scale. The problem is much of that weight loss is going to be water, glycogen, and possibly muscle loss. Eliminating carbs is not something that is realistic long term and will usually backfire by a rapid weight gain after a return to normal eating. – Bryant Travis

Many people who follow a much more reasonable long term nutrition plan have less frustration in emotional eating, inconsistent water retention which causes frustration of the scale, and live a lifestyle outside of the gym with less stress about eating. Your long term fitness meal plan should contain the 3 b’s….basic food, balanced macro’s, and best choice of foods in each of the protein, carbohydrate, and fat categories.


If you need any assistance with planning a balanced long term fitness program that does NOT revolve around eliminating food groups, dangerous low calorie requirements, supplements, pills, frozen meals, or powders please do not hesitate to call or send me an email:)


Powerfuel Fitness

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5 Habits To Stay Positive

WOW have you ever wondered how some people are so positive and you wonder what is their secret? Do they take “happy juice” or do they follow some principles that are a blue print to stay positive? What I have found is that positive people practice these principles below and it takes times to see the results. To transform our bodies we must change what is between our ears and the rest will follow:)

1. Positive Self Talk- Yes very true daily “positive self talk” is one of the daily habits that positive people do. They are their own “coach”. Practice self positive talk throughout the day and you will find yourself thinking more positively.

2. Positive phrases- Positive phrases and words with these 3 to 5 letters are used in positive peoples’ vocabulary. Try using the words and phrases like… ” wow, best, real, fair, hope, i will, I can.

3. Mental Protein Each day take 30 minutes for yourself and read or listen to material that is “positive” and helps develop your #1 asset…your brain:). Choose uplifting speakers, positive people, books, blogs, and fuel with good nutrition.

4. Write Your Goals Down- Positive people are goal driven people who also show responsibility and dedication to hit their fitness and life goals.

5. Garbage In= Garbage Out- Control who you associate with, what you read/watch, and how you let others around you influence your thoughts. STAY positive.

Now that we have outlined 5 habits to stay positive, practice these daily and the results will be shocking in all areas of your life!! Transform your brain, then your heart, and then your body will follow.

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Steve Auxier


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3 Pillars For Fitness Success

The 3 pillars for fitness success are very important to identify for long term fitness success!! Have you ever wondered how so many people stay motivated for years and years and stay consistent with exercise? I know some people think “well they are just motivated and destined to succeed”. The truth is many are determined to be successful and they focus on the 3 pillars for fitness success. The 3 pillars for fitness success are:

1 . Mind Over Mattress- Yes waking early and rising before the sun is one pillar that many consistent exercisers do. Studies show a 90% success rate for early morning exercisers:) The daily battle of winning against the mattress and the alarm clock SUPER charges the mind for fitness success and daily success:)

2. The 10th Person- Surrounding yourself with like minded motivated people is key. If it is a workout partner, co worker, spouse or participants of your group fitness workout this is your built in support system for your success. You must stay with positive people and avoid the naysayers:)

3. The 3 B’s Nutrition- Yes the 3 B’s is the third pillar for long term fitness success! People who have long term fitness success avoid fad dieting tactics, bogus supplement claims and focus on a nutrition program that is…Basic, Balanced Meals, and Best Choices. Any time we eliminate food groups this does provide immediate results but short term success:)

You might already be implementing these but staying consistent with the 3 pillars will keep you on track for long term success.


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Top 7 Tips To Prevent Fitness Procrastination

Fitness procrastination and fear are two of the biggest reasons why people either plateau or never make their health a priority. Many that regret taking the first step use phrases such as “would of”, “should of”, or “could of”. A common phrase many also use is “some day”. Many people that have not committed to improving the quality of their life will say “ya someday I’ll start eating healthy or ya someday I will start working out”. With the New Year starting tomorrow thousands of people will start on their fitness to make new changes but yet so many will slowly drop off by month 3. Sad but true! Here are my top 7 tips to prevent fitness procrastination!!!\

1. Early Bird- Yes the early morning right before your busy day starts is key to long term procrastination. Early morning fitness has a 90% success rate.

2. DREAM Big- You must dream BIG and set your ceiling high!! Many go getters dream big:)

3. Remove your fears- No one would ever start if they did not identify the obstacles that place fear in our minds. Form the solution of how to overcome the obstacles once identified.

4. Your Group Support- The right people with the right mindset is key. I have found the days that I lack motivation are the days that your support group of people can motivate and encourage you to stay on track.

5. Commit to excellence- Dedication and moving towards your fitness goals with determination is the right mind set.

6. Do what you love- Just like your profession, fitness is very similar. You must choose the fitness type that you love to prevent boredom and long term plateaus. BUT balance is very important:)

7. Write your goals down- To know where you are and where you want to go I highly recommend to write your goals down and place a date of completion next to them. Very important.


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Top 10 Tips To BEAT The Holiday Weight Gain

The big holiday weight gain officially started in October and maybe you have survived. Yes your defense mechanisms have been on track but wait you have 2 more big holidays yet to come!!! So to better prepare you I wanted to give some of my TOP tips to help you fight the bulge:)

1. Start Positive – Your day must start with a good sources of carbohydrates and protein:) Yes avoid all sugary cereals and high sugar coffee drinks.

2. Take Your Time. Don’t eat like a pack of wild dogs!!! Slow down when you eat and try to make the meal last 20 minutes.

3. Keep Moving. Plan you workouts and plan activity over the holidays.

4. If You Bite It..Then Write It The food journal is your accountability to keep on track. Stay on track during the holidays.

5. Stay Satisfied- Often times many save their calories until the big meal. The key is to eat something small before you go and this prevents the over indulgence of the big meal.

6. The Salad Plate- Portion control and keeping in check is key. Switch your dinner plate to the smaller salad plate to consume small portions.

7. Avoid The Mountain Water- Yes “mountain water” is liquid fat. Mountain water consists of Busch Light, Coors Light, Keystone Light, Natural Light, PBR, and YES Old Mil Light:) Choose water:)

8. Add Color To Your Plate. Add those veggies to your plate.

9. Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach- Don’t let your eyes become bigger than your stomach. The over indulging of huge portions on the buffet can get you into trouble:)

10. The Push Away Method- Yes STRONG triceps and will power are needed for this exercise. When your meal is finished push away from the table. The longer you sit and pick at the food the more calories you will consume. Push away, push away is key:)


Happy Holidays!!


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