N-10Sive Blast-X

N-10sive BLAST X : Booty, Legs, Abs, and Strength Training.what more could
you desire!? This 60 minute burner will zone in on the two most requested
areas to define! This strength training based class will incinerate your
core and lower body with powerful BLASTS of cardio mixed in to maximize your
workout experience!!!

2 thoughts on “N-10Sive Blast-X

  1. I would like to know your pricing amounts for each of your classes, or membership fee?!

    Thank you

    • Hi Nikole,

      Welcome to Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps! We do have 3 different types of memberships available…gym only, group fitness, and boot camp. All of our memberships have 0 iniation fees or contracts. To help you best what type of membership are you looking for?!?

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