N-10Sive JAM

Forget the Cha-Cha, N-10sive JAM will have you laughing your way though a fun and sweaty workout!

N-10sive JAM is a low-impact class, packed with powerful hip-hop style moves.

Don’t worry about two left feet! The pulsating beat will have you Krumping & Turfing in no time!

N-10sive JAM is full of FUN, Street-style dance and strength training designed to torch fat while loving every step!

2 thoughts on “N-10Sive JAM

  1. I would like to know your pricing amounts for each of your classes, or membership fee?!

    Thank you

    • Hi Nikole,

      Welcome to Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps! We do have 3 different types of memberships available…gym only, group fitness, and boot camp. All of our memberships have 0 iniation fees or contracts. To help you best what type of membership are you looking for?!?

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