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Time Is The Deciding Factor In Fitness Success

So many people put off today for tomorrow. All to often I hear I’ll start tomorrow or next week or even someday. Time unfortunately is the deciding factor for fitness success! Through the years you might have started and stopped and maybe you have even tried to improve your fitness but find yourself getting side tracked and falling off the wagon. You can’t change your past fitness failures or setbacks…but you can determine NOW. I know you may have joined a gym, bought some home workout equipment or videos or even attempted the latest fad diet and that OK. The key is at least you tried! So what now?

The will to finally change starts with making the decision to change your unhealthy habits and slowly work on incorporating healthy patterns. You can not focus on perfection…but rather progress. You might struggle with the power to change, but you must be positive and every small victory is a VICTORY!! Procrastination and fear are the #1 killers of your success. You have to start NOW…to delay will make the decision even harder to pursue. Time is always working against you. Remember the following:

- Your friends can’t help make the decision for you
- Your husband can’t help make the decision for you
- Your wife can’t help make the decision for you
- Your co workers can’t help make the decision for you

The decision is yours! Ask yourself the following question:

Are you changing to please others…if you answered YES then your long term success will be rocky. If you are changing for YOU…then you will be successful. Changing for you is NOT selfishness! Changing for you is NOT selfishness…but self responsibility!

Get started with your next snack/meal. Every day is a great day to better yourself and HONOR your shrine!!

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Steve Auxier
Good Life Fitnesssomeday

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