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Good Life Fitness And Local Businesses Enhancing Employee Health/Fitness

The team from Good Life Fitness TEAM up with local businesses to improve the health/fitness of their employees!!! HONORED to assist the employees of Eye Surgical Associates, Lincoln Surgical Hospital and Sutton Ryan on their 100 day wellness challenge!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of the employees on their fitness success and this is just the beginning of something great!!!


Out of 24 people the total numbers were AMAZING!! The teams combined lost a total of 138.5lbs and a total of 57 inches!!! Here are the top 3 TEAMS!!!!

1st Place: Beau and Janessa Keiser- The TEAM lost a total of 49.2lbs of body weight and 44.84lbs of body fat!!

2nd Place: Amanda Williams and Tammy Davis- The TEAM lost a total of 15.4lbs of body weight and 11.24 inches!!

3rd Place: Kathy Holt and Vicky Bartling- The TEAM lost a total of 19.82 lbs of body fat!!!!

If you are looking to improve the health of your employees or start a fitness/wellness program please give Good Life Fitness a call and ask for Steve. (402)434-4444

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