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Good Life Fitness Receives Certificate Of Merit Award

At Good Life Fitness we are truly HONORED to assist so many people on their fitness journey! It bring great joy to assist those that protect our safety every single day! We at Good Life Fitness are HONORED to have received an citizen certificate of Merit award!! Thank you again to all who make sacrifices daily for our safety and our freedom.

These awards are held twice a year and serve as a graduation for current LPD trainees, as well as an awards ceremony for efforts from civilians and officers that have bettered the community. Awards were given out such as Life Saving Awards, Citizen Certificates of Merit, Exceptional Duty Awards, Life Saving Awards, and Meritorious Conduct Awards.

Some of the stories that stood out for awards were – a lifesaving award, awarded to an officer who responded to a call with an unresponsive woman and immediately started doing CPR, after many minutes of CPR, LFR arrived and took over and the woman survived. Life Saving Award, awarded to a family whose husband/father jumped into a pool and was paralyzed upon impact, the wife and daughter jumped in after him. They were unable to free him completely from the pool but indeed saved his life. A Citizen Certificate of Merit, awarded to a gas station clerk who reviewed tapes from her store and educated all of her employees on a thief, their efforts led to his arrest. An Exception Duty Award, awarded to an officer and his partner who responded to a call where a mother had locked herself into a bathroom while her distraught child had one knife held to his neck and one in his hand. With the calmness of the officers and their teamwork they were able to calm the teenager down and no one was injured. And a Citizen Certificate of Merit to Steve Auxier//Good Life Fitness, awarded for his efforts in helping LPD and city employees improve their health and work performance with the 100 day challenges organized and completed with the help of GLF staff.

Being recognized for our efforts in making not only our community, but those who protect our community healthier and fitter at an honorable awards ceremony is something we are very proud of!! Our combined efforts and dedication to our members and community have been recognized and we commend you for always giving your best while you are at work. Thanks for being part of the best team in Lincoln!


I would like to thank my staff and everyone involved in the extra effort of changing peoples lives with ONE MEAL, ONE WORKOUT, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!

Steve Auxier
Good Life Fitness

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