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Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps 300 Speedway Circle (3rd and Van Dorn) Suite 1 Lincoln Ne, 68502 (402) 434-4444

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  1. Hello,
    saw your place on the way to work and just looking for more information. Do all the classes last an entire hour (some were listed as 45 mins)? What are the prices? Is there a locker room/showers?


    • Hi Justin,

      Sorry for the delay…just noticed your comment and thank you for your interest in Good Life Fitness. All of our classes are 1 hours except for our ABX class (30minutes), and our Saturday Synergy x class is 75 minutes. Throughout the schedule you will notice several 90 minute classes.

      Our prices for unlimited boot camp which includes full access to over 100 fitness boot camps/group fitness classes, full weight/cardio facility,child care, and customized nutrition. Our first special starts at $49. We do have gym only memberships starting out at $20/mo. I would highly recommend starting with a FREE week to check out the whole facility.
      Thank you for your time!

  2. hello,
    i’d like information regarding membership to Goodlife Fitness for my fiance and I. Is there a good time to come in and visit your facility on weekdays or weekends to get information regarding membership and group fitness classes? Please let me know!


    • Hi Karen,
      Welcome to Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps! Our half marathon training class will start February 16th. This class is schedule to meet Tues/Thurs at 5:30p and Saturday’s for two scheduled long runs starting at 7a and 8a. The class duration is 12weeks. Your running program will incorporate cross training, injury prevention, and running related topics, full access to the cardio/weight room plus FREE child care if needed. This course will help prepare you for the Lincoln Half Marathon. This class is open to non/members of Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps. Y

  3. Steve,

    Your 15 minute lower body workout is great. I like that it can even be done while traveling with a minimal amount of gym space/equipment. Can you suggest an upper body routine as well?

  4. can you send me more information on pricing, etc. how your system works? is there someone i can meet with to discuss workouts etc.? thanks

    • Hi Emily,

      Welcome to Good Life Fitness! Can you send me your email and I can attach all our programs and pricing structure:)

  5. Are group fitness classes included with membership? On the schedule, it looks like there are quite a few “boot camp” classes- are these separate from regular group fitness or does membership include ALL classes? Thanks!

    • Hi Kristi,

      Welcome to Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps! We do have 3 different types of gym memberships…boot camp, group fitness, and gym only. All of the memberships have 0 contracts or iniation fees. Our group fitness membership will include full cardio/weight room, free child care, and full access to our group fitness classes. Please let me know if I can assist with further questions or if you would like to try a free week to our facility.

      Thank you for your time!

      Steve Auxier
      Good Life Fitness

  6. Hi Steve!
    I am a former client, (by former, I mean a LONG time back), and at that time, I had purchased a 10-punch bootcamp card, but had never used it. I still have it, and now I work at a business where your bootcamp classes are offered at our location over my lunch time. Has this card expired? (it was purchased 2 years ago, I believe) If not, can I use this card for the classes at work? I would really like to get back into shape, and the only thing that seems to have worked for me is the bootcamp classes.


  7. Hi there,
    I was just wondering if I could possibly get some more information on membership options and the basics? I’d really appreciate it!
    Thank you,

    • Hi Hannah,

      Welcome to Good Life Fitness. We do have 3 different membership options for our facility…boot camp, group x, and gym only. Before you start I would highly recommend a FREE week to the facility that will include full access to over 130 fitness boot camps/group fitness classes a week, full cardio/weights, and free child care. After your free week we do have 3 different boot camp specials. Each of the special include full facility access plus your customized nutrition program. The first special is 21 days for $49. The second special is 36 days for $89. The third special is 57 days for $138. We do have our group x membership that include full group x classes, full cardio/weights, and free child care. This membership starts at $31/mo with no contracts or iniation fees. We do have our gym only membership with include full cardio/weights and child care. This memberships starts at $24/mo with no contracts or iniation fees. We do have family and couple memberships available. Please let me know if I can assist. Hope to see you soon:)


    • Hi Rachel,

      Yes we have a lifting platform with bumper plates, power rack, and full lockers/showers. Please let me know if I can assist with any other questions.

  8. Is it ok to start out with bootcamp or would it be better to work yourself up to it? I would like to start bootcamps but someone said I should just start out on the treadmill? What are your thoughts on this?

    • Our fitness boot camps and group fitness classes are for all fitness levels. I highly recommend starting with 2-3x week of boot camp and choose light resistance and pace yourself by cutting all repetitions in half. We do offer a free fitness consultation first to discuss your goals and also to answer any questions. Please let me know if i can assist with further questions.

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