FINAL Month Of The Pre-Opening Specials!!!!

YES the time has come!!!  Good Life Fitness Southeast on 84th highway 2 is opening in December!!!  This is the final month of the pre opening specials!!!  Yes when they are done....they are done!!  NOW is the time to take advantage of the lowest rates in Good Life Fitness history for memberships!!!  What's the catch...there is NO catch!!!!!  If you have been waiting for Good Life Fitness to come to southeast is the opportunity!!!   Here are the final details of the pre opening specials!!!  You can pre enroll NOW and activate when we open OR you can pre enroll NOW and use our current facility on 3rd Van Dorn. We do have 3 types of memberships available....gym only, gym plus group fitness (TRX, kickboxing, resistance training, yoga, cycling), and our fitness boot camp membership which include our award winning "shred" nutrition program.  All memberships will include access to both locations, full cardio/weight room, women's only fitness room, lockers/showers/sauna's, FREE child care and FREE tanning!!! 
  • NO enrollment or initiation fees
  • NO 1,2, or 3 year contracts....all membership are month/month
  • NO rate increase...your rate does NOT go up.
  • NO EXTRA cost for child care
  • NO cancellation fees
The NEW facility will some extra added features.  Indoor/Outdoor astro-turf, Indoor/Outdoor child care, Cycling room, Yoga/TRX room, over 80 pieces of cardio and a HUGE women's ONLY fitness room PLUS a 13,000sq/ft weight room!!!!! preopeningsilver glfentryway glfbcampShare it! Facebooktwitter

Ride The Fitness Wave

Ride the fitness wave!!  The key for long term fitness success is to make it past 3 magic dates.  Those dates are returning to the gym after day 1, being consistent in the first 21 days, and yes the last is 12 weeks!!!  OVER 55 million people will start on their fitness goals come January 1st....but a whopping 80% will be done by March 1st!!  CRAAAAAAZY %.  WHY?!? Well many start off like a rocket ship and do not pace themselves causing frustration, burnout, and NO results. progress do you ride the fitness wave for long term results?!?  The answer....start NOW!   Don't wait until January 1st to start.  If you start now at the 8-10 week mark you will get a HUGE spark of MOTIVATION and ENERGY from the New Year Resolution members and then ride the fitness wave!!! Train Hard, Train Smart And Expect Success!Share it! Facebooktwitter

Maximum Results With The “Shred” Nutrition Program.

Did you know that in a recent study done by the International Food and Information Council Foundation 52% of consumers said that figuring out how to eat a healthy diet is more difficult than completing a tax return? WOW!!

Think about that for a second…

Just the like the weather we are currently having in Nebraska...rainy one day, sunny the next...always unpredictable.

Media, Muscle and Fiction, and other periodicals are there to confuse everyone!!

Low Carb, Low Fat, Zone, Flat Belly In 2 Days are just a few to mention.

Even friends are persuading you to try out the latest and greatest diet that has helped them lose "50lbs in 7 days.

Nutrition does not have to be complicated and the key is a plan that you can maintain past 21 days, 6 weeks, 12 weeks or 6 months.

I do have that plan for you.  The "Shred" nutrition program from Good Life Fitness is formulated nutrition plan that will instill the tools that are needed to help you achieve long term nutrition and fitness success.  What's the secret?!?  No secret but a "shred" nutrition program that is designed around your lifestyle, your fitness goals, your grocery budget and the BEST thing is NOT a "diet"...but a nutrition lifestyle.

Call today and schedule a FREE nutrition consultation to learn more about the "Shred" nutrition consultation TODAY!  (402)434-4444

"I love the SHRED diet! I have stuck with it for about six years now"- Christi Weirman- 6- Week Transformation Champion!  christi6weekchampion
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Top 10 Super Foods

The top 10 super foods for a healthy lifestyle.  The ultimate goal of any fitness program should be to promote a healthier lifestyle.  If you are currently struggling with your health or if you are new to fitness these top 10 super foods will provide the following benefits.
  • Regulate our metabolism
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Reduce inflammation in our body
  • Reduce total cholesterol
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce the risks of cancers
  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Protect us from heart disease
  • Improve our daily energy and exercise performance
  1.  Sprouted grains:lentils1 Grains such as oatmeal, lentils, barley, millet,  and wheat barley promote healthy digestion, stabilized blood sugar and also provide a high amount of daily fiber.  I personally recommend Ezekial cereal.  This cereal contains the blend of all of the sprouted whole grains.  These little gems reduce overall cholesterol and improve heart health.   2.  Blueberries: The wild blueberries is known as the antioxidant powerhouse.  This little berry has 14mg of Vit C per cup and has the highest antioxidant level of any fruit.  Choose dried, fresh or frozen to cereal, salad, smoothies, or your yogurt. Recommend 1/2 cup 5x per week.blueberries 3.  Wild Alaskan Salmon: Commonly most of the salmon that Americans consume is farm raised.  Farm raised fish is fed high amounts of corn just like the large feedlot operations for cattle.  When animals are fed large amounts of corn the Omega 3 fat ratios are altered and the meat is high in Omega-6.  Omega -6 is healthy but for overall heart health we should consume a 20:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega -6.  Wild salmon contains high amounts of Omega-3.  When ordering salmon at a restaurant ask if their salmon is wild or farm raised. Recommended (3) 6 oz servings per week. 4.  Broccoli: Broccoli has the highest levels of polyphenols of any common vegetable.  Consuming 1/2 to 1 cup daily of broccoli is recommended.  Choose the broccoli sprouts instead of the spears.  The sprouts are 10-100x more powerful. 5.  Yogurt and Kefir: The origin of fermented dairy products has  dated to the beginning of time.  The fermentation method has survived for many years and obviously the importance of these foods has lasted the test of time.  A healthy bacterial level is very important for overall health.  Many of our cancers originate from the colon and having a healthy level of bacteria will reduce your risks. yogurt                 6.   Olive oil: Olive oil is a great source of  monounsaturated fat.  When purchasing choose the extra virgin olive oil.  Olive oil can be added to salads, chicken breast, or drizzled over mixed vegetables. Recommend 3 tablespoons/ day. 7.  Cinnamon: Yes cinnamon..not cinnamon rolls or donuts:)  Cinnamon has so many heart health benefits.  Cinnamon also is a great spice to stabilize blood sugars.  Try adding it to yogurt or to your coffee! Recommended 1-2 tablespoons per day. 8.  Avocado: Avocado is a great source of healthy fat.  Avocado improves blood flow and also brain function.  Recommended 1/4 or 1/2 of avocado. 9.  Walnuts: superfoods_nuts_120x120 Walnuts are a great complement to the wild salmon and also grassfed beef.  Walnuts are a high powered Omega-3 source.  Also walnuts contain Arginine which keep blood vessels smooth.  Walnuts also contain high amounts of antioxidants. Recommend 1 small handful 10.  Spinach: The greener the salad the better.  When making your salad choose spinach and argula as the two main sources.  Spinach is loaded with Vitamin C and lutein for eye health.  Spinach is best consumed raw as cooking destroys the vitamins. spinachOther super foods that would make my list: 1. Grassfed beef 2. Pumpkin 3.  Flax seed 4.  Raw almonds 5.  Wild trout 6.  Green teaShare it! Facebooktwitter

Good Life Fitness 7 Week “Shred” Nutrition Course

cleanslateAt Good Life Fitness, I work with clients with a broad range of nutrition backgrounds, goals, dietary restrictions and concerns. More than anything else, I've worked with men and women who are endlessly struggling to lose weight. Many of my clients have tried fad diet after fad diet, and nothing has worked. With months and years of frustration and disappointment behind them, it seems the only thin...g left is to just give up. Somewhere along this journey, we have forgotten how to nourish ourselves. Our vulnerabilities have been exploited by "quick fix" 1,200 calorie diets, appetite suppressants, and pills that "attack deep fat stores" (yeah...sure they do...). The weight loss industry is making billions of dollars every single year, and what do we have to show for it?
metabolismmessup ----1/3 of adults are classified as obese. Almost 13 million children (17%) are labeled as obese. Over $190 billion is spent annually treating obesity-related illness. A fast food industry that's also making billions of dollars every year. Millions and millions of people attempting to "diet" each year and failing. And an average consumption of only 1 fruit and 1 vegetable a day for both kids and adults---- That's what we have. And it breaks my heart. We forgot how to eat. And what's worse is that we've settled for feeling like crap all day, every day. We settle for fast, easy, and cheap food. And then spend billions of dollars on diet products. Diets don't work. A whole body wellness approach does. Re-education does. That's what I have to offer you at Good Life. A practical, sustainable plan to help you feel better than you can even imagine. You will gain confidence, knowledge, and you will finally be empowered to build a new love for food and for yourself! If you're longing to be free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage, come see me! Starting in January I am conducting a 7 week nutrition course that will provide all of the tools for you to be successful with your fitness journey!!! 
IMG_1321 Call 1-402-434-4444 and ask to set up a consult with Caitlynn OR Facebook message me OR email me at See More
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Want Fitness Success? Surround Yourself With Amazing People

We all want to be amazing and we were born to WIN! If we want fitness success we must surround ourselves with amazing people who will uplift us to our goals! The people that we surround ourselves with are the key to our success. "You are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with".- Jim Rohn This statement holds true in so many areas of our lives and I can give you so many examples of how this has helped me. In my powerlifting days I trained, read, listened to and surrounded myself with people who were stronger and smarter than me. I found that training with super strong people pushed me out of my comfort level to achieve higher standards for myself and the people who were super smart motivated me to learn more from them. In fitness you will find all types of people. You will find people who work their tail off and take no short cuts in the quest to hit their goals. We will cross paths with people who are looking for the short cut method and are NOT willing to put in their time or hard work for their results. AVOID these people who are there only for their own personal growth by taking advantage of you. When you hang out with super motivated driven people your whole attitude changes and you will start finding yourself achieving more in all areas of your life. This was also true when I ran my first half marathon. My running group was very dedicated and never cancelled which is key in the beginning. The group had all levels of runners but we were all there for the same common goal. In this group we had a very fast runner who pushed us to up our game to get better and I found this very rewarding in so many ways. In the fitness world the key is surrounding yourself with like minded motivated people. Often times we can control our environment and if you find your environment pulling you away from your fitness goals...remember YOU have the power to change. Here is a little homework assignment for you. I guarantee this will help uplift you and within time you will notice changes in all areas of your life. it is. Make two lists. The first list is the current people that you are associated with that will improve your life. These people are there to support you and for the fitness example these are people who motivate you, support you, and encourage you to keep going. The second list is a list of people that you are associated with who will drag you down. These people are the ones who are negative, pessimistic, nay sayers, and the ones who are constantly trying to sabotage you to fail. Your goal once identified is to slowly separate yourself from the list of people who bring you down. You will notice a difference. Does your fitness environment inspire you and lead you to your fitness goals? Are you getting better or are you staying the same?!?!? "Don't join an easy crowd. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform and achieve are high" Jim Rohn Share it! Facebooktwitter

Good Life Fitness Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

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UPDATE….Local Hair Stylist Hits Her 10 Month Goal!!!!!

UPDATE: A HUGE Congratulations To Bethany Stritt On Hitting Her Goal!!! 10 months ago she set a goal for herself. When Good Life Fitness nutritionist Marika Brack first met her she said "I have a cruise in November..." well, the cruise is today. Not only did she meet her goal (almost exactly) but she did it consistently over the last 10 months! Over 34 lbs, 13% BF, and 17" GONE!!! I LOVE the fact that this was slow and steady and not a crash quick-fix-loss. She did it the right way, enjoying life, while eating clean and working her butt off in the gym. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bethShare it! Facebooktwitter