The “Silent Killer”

Yes believe it or not but lack of movement is labeled as the "silent killer".  If you really look at your daily activity you might find a big majority is "sitting" .Yes we have become a screen viewing society and many just lack movement with a combination of poor nutrition is a DEADLY combo. As you are aware, I’m sure, people who work in an office tend to sit down ALL DAY LONG, and even if they have worked out in the morning (like at your boot camp), they still might be very sedentary during the day.  Here’s a typical example:  Get up and go to Steve’s boot camp with your day starting at 4:30a.m. If you look at your life schedule with children.  It could be even more lack of activity.  Driving children to their activities and sitting and watching general we have become even more inactive the more involved our children become.  On the go makes us even more open to grabbing food on the go and foods with preservatives. glfnutrition   4:30a.m -5:00 – SIT in car on way to Good Life Fitness 5:00-6:00am -- Boot Camp at Good Life Fitness 6:00-6:30am – SIT in car going home 6:30-7:30 – ready for work 7:30-8:00 – SIT to go to work 8:00-11:30 – SIT at work 11:30-12:30 – lunch (SIT most of it) 12:30-5:00 SIT at work 5:00-5:30 – SIT on the way home 5:30-bedtime – dinner, SIT to read/watch tv/help kids with homework, e.t.c.   That’s 11 hours of sitting, not including the sitting time after 5:30p.m. Lack of activity...YES belly fat and flat butt syndrome:)  Amazing when you really break down your daily activity like above. GOALS:  Get up and move around through out the day.  How about a ergonomic desk that allows you to stand?  How about taking a walk or better yet go to the gym over your lunch hour?  How about go for a run/walk when your children are at their practices?  Your daily goal is 10,000 steps per day!!Share it! Facebooktwitter

Black Friday Specials At Good Life Fitness

black-friday-2016-specials Check Out Our HUGE Black Friday Specials!!! Perfect Stocking Stuffer Ideas!! Can Purchase Over The Phone For Convenience. (402)434-4444 Looking to start on your fitness journey in December OR maybe you are looking for a NEW health club in 2017 ?!?!? Check out why Good Life Fitness was VOTED the #1 health club in customers service and place to fee a burn and Nebraska PLUS Top 50 Gyms In America by Men's Health. Common Questions To Ask Yourself When Searching For A Health Club In 2017 : Do you swim?  Are You OR Your Family Going To Swim Enough To Justify The Monthly Cost? Is the pool to busy to swim lanes? : Do You Have To Pay Extra For Child Watch? : Do you play racquetball?  Are You Going To Play Racquetball Enough To Justify The Cost? : Will My Monthly Membership Increase Yearly? : Do you play tennis?  Are You Going To Play Tennis Enough To Justify The Cost? : How Clean Is The Facility Or Is The Equipment/Facility Updated? : Do you play basketball?  Are You Going To Play Basketball Enough To Justify The Cost? : Are The Club Hours And Class Schedule Flexible Enough? :  Is The Facility Locally Owned/Operated? : What type of memberships are offered that meet your needs?
Reason's Why Good Life Fitness Members Choose Good Life Fitness. ************************************* : Good Life Fitness is locally owned/operated : HUGE cardio/weight room : Large Women's ONLY fitness room : OVER 120 fitness boot camp/group fitness classes : 2 Facilities to choose from : SUPER clean and equipped maintained daily : AMAZING customer service : FREE child care : FREE tanning with all pre sale memberships. : AWESOME club and child care hours ************************************** What Makes Joining Good Life Fitness Unique ************************************* : NO High Pressure Sales OR Hard Closing To Join : NO Sneaky Sales Gimmicks : NO calling you daily to join after your guest pass : NO sales people working on commission : NO 1,2, OR 3 year contracts : NO initiation OR enrollment fees : NO cancellation fees or buying out your contract fees : NO rate increase OR yearly facility improvement fees : NO extra fee or membership to use our 2nd location *************************************** Black Friday Personal Training SPECIALS Stumped over what to get your daughter, mom, dad, wife, brother or sister? If your friend or family member has expressed interest in getting healthy or already has a fitness routine, then a ??‍♀️ personal training ??‍♀️ gift might be perfect for them!! ?????????????? Here's my BLACK FRIDAY deal: Buy 5 sessions, get 1 FREE Buy 10 sessions, get 2 FREE Buy 15 sessions, get 3 FREE ?????????????? This deal is good for one-on-one sessions or partner training, and can be purchased as 30 minute or 60 minute sessions!! Grab a friend and let's get started. last-chance-silver-membership-002
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NEW Group Fitness Class-N-10sive Jam

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