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Ride The Fitness Wave

Ride the fitness wave!!  The key for long term fitness success is to make it past 3 magic dates.  Those dates are returning to the gym after day 1, being consistent in the first 21 days, and yes the last is 12 weeks!!!  OVER 55 million people will start on their fitness goals come January 1st….but a whopping 80% will be done by March 1st!!  CRAAAAAAZY %.  WHY?!? Well many start off like a rocket ship and do not pace themselves causing frustration, burnout, and NO results.


Soooo….how do you ride the fitness wave for long term results?!?  The answer….start NOW!   Don’t wait until January 1st to start.  If you start now at the 8-10 week mark you will get a HUGE spark of MOTIVATION and ENERGY from the New Year Resolution members and then ride the fitness wave!!!

Train Hard, Train Smart And Expect Success!

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Top 5 Exercise Tips For Busy People

  1. Keep a bag of workout gear available in your car or at your office for short workouts: a set of workout clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, deodorant, face/body wipes and a towel.
  2. Always have healthy snacks handy: baggies of sliced fruit, bananas, yogurt, energy bars, and WATER.
  3. Schedule your workout and keep that time sacred.
  4. Squeeze in a workout whenever you can. Keep a jump rope and stretch bands in your drawer at the office. Run or climb the stairs.
  5. Try Our 30 Minute Metabolic Personal Training!!

Anything is better than nothing. When you don’t have 45 minutes to an hour, use 10-15 minutes!

Remember taking time for our health is NOT selfish thinking…it is self responsibility!


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Good Life Fitness Staff Receives Keiser Spinning Certification

Recently The Good Life Fitness Staff  Completed The Nationally Accredited Keiser Spinning Certification!!!  GOOOOOOOOO TEAM!!!!  



The NEW Keiser M3i Bikes Will Be Coming To The NEW Good Life Fitness On 84th Highway 2!!!! Good Life Fitness Southeast Will Have More Spin Time Available!!



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NO Time To Workout?!?

No time to workout?!?!?  It is amazing when you visit with people why they don’t exercise or they stop exercising. The common answers are they say ” i just don’t have time” or ” i am too busy” OR “I am so tired at the end of the day I can’t exercise”.

Starting today, you are no longer allowed to utter the words: “I don’t have time.” OR “you are too tired”. When we start exercising and we make the commitment to at least 30 minutes a day and we refuel our bodies of balanced nutritious meals we will notice an increase in our energy. Everyone has the same 86,400 seconds…how we prioritize our time is the difference.


Taking care of ourselves is NOT selfish…but self responsibility. Many that use the statement they have no time are basically stating…. “It’s not a priority.”

“I’d love to work out, I just don’t have time” becomes “exercising isn’t a priority.”
“I’d love to eat healthier, but I don’t have time to cook” becomes “eating healthy isn’t a priority.”

Time management is the key.  Try these four  tips to help with your time management to help you schedule your workouts into your schedule.

  1. Start your day with an early morning workout–  A 90% success rate for people who exercise first thing in the morning before their day starts.
  2. Set aside a few hours a day for emails–  If you find yourself constantly checking emails then your getting distracted and pulled in opposite directions.
  3. Limit Facebook/social media–  So many hours of your precious time are being spent on social media-
  4. Scheduling Your Workouts– Yes set your workout as an appointment on your google calendar.






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The Silent Killer…Sarcopenia

Signs of aging such as grey hair, declining eyesight, and wrinkles may not be welcomed, but they are expected. What most people don’t realize is that muscle loss — called sarcopenia — is also part of the aging process. By the age of 70, the average person can expect to have lost one-quarter of muscle mass and another 25% by the age of 90. This happens even among active individuals.Son & Elderly Father

The bad news is compounded because sarcopenia contributes to weight gain, fractures, and declining cardiovascular disease. Even more important is that it usually means loss of independence for the elderly. Walking, getting up and down out of a chair, and simply carrying on daily activities becomes more difficult if not impossible.


The good news is that resistance training can greatly reduce the effects of sarcopenia. The greatest loss of muscle is in the fast-twitch fibers that are recruited in anaerobic high-intensity movement. While aerobic activity, such as walking or running, is important in maintaining muscle strength, progressive anaerobic activity (resistance training) is necessary to build muscle. Studies have shown that resistance training can increase muscle strength by as much as 100% in a few months even among the frail elderly. Since loss of muscle mass begins as early as age 30, it’s not too early to start; it’s never too late; and it’s certainly a reason to continue and be consistent if you’ve already begun.



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NEW Employment Opportunities At Good Life Fitness

NEW Opportunities Of Part Time Positions NOW Available At Both Good Life Fitness Locations!!

 Apply At Good Life Fitness 3rd Van Dorn. 

  • Front Desk Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm
  • Front Desk Closer ( Monday-Thursday 7pm-Midnight)  ( Friday 7pm-10pm)
  • Front Desk Closer ( Saturday/Sunday 4pm-10pm)

NEW:   Office Assistant Position:  15 hours A Week



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Top Tips To Help Break The Stubborn Weight Loss Plateau

Top tips to help break the stubborn weight loss plateau!!!  YES the secrets of dropping 5#- 20# in 100 days. Now I know you were hoping for me to say in 2 weeks or 30 days but as you know I am not about fad diets, weight loss formulas, or bogus supplement schemes advertised to the be the answer to your problems. These methods produce short term results but NOT long term fitness success. With the New Year right around the corner you will be enticed to jump on ship to the quick fix schemes and YES they are tempting but stay clear as they are not the answer to fixing you long term. The secret is hard work, consistency, and dedication to your nutrition and those 3 will direct you to the right path of success. Every fitness challenge that we at Good Life Fitness have placed together has fitness tools installed and they work every time!! So many people have dropped 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40+ pounds of body weight and well over 2 pant sizes in a short time of 100 days. Did they take weight loss supplements…NO?!? Did they have a nutrition program that was designed around supplements or frozen food to promote their success….NO?!? Did they have to sign a contract to hit these goals….NO?!? All of the competitors achieved these results with accountability, nutrition consulting, a well designed program by a certified personal trainer, group support, and yes HARD work!!

Accountability– Yes accountability is key. Methods as checking in with co workers, social media, friends/family, nutrition accountability are key. All competitors of the challenges use a calendar system to record their workouts.


Nutrition Logging– I highly recommend using or even a diary to track your nutrition. This is key as many are unaware of how many calories they consume or what their macronutrient balance is. Many guestimate (sp) on their calories and many are 12-20% to too high or too low. If you bite it…then write it.

Personal Training– Yes many of the competitors use the fitness boot camps who are taught by a certified personal trainer at a highly discounted rate. Many also used personal trainers to custom design their fitness program for the weight room and to evaluate their programs. Many of the competitors or boot camp members are veterans. Having a program that is designed specifically for your goals is key.

Nutrition Consulting– During the challenge so many mentioned that the key was having Karissa, Tara, Christy, Kurtis, Jamie, Jim,  Bryant, Natalie, Dani and Ryan custom design their nutrition program and provide feedback along the way and make changes.

Hard Work– I am a fan of doing it the old fashioned way. Hard work and no short cuts is the key for long term success. I truly believe when you work hard for something and you put in your sweat and tears this has more impact for long term fitness success!!!

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The NEW Good Life Fitness Southeast Coming Soon!

Yes We Are Getting Closer!!!  Here Is An Inside View Of The NEW Facility Coming Soon!

Pre-Opening Specials Available Now.  Join Now And Lock In A SUPER Low Rate!!!


Largest Group Fitness Room In Lincoln!!!

glfbcLargest Boot Camp Room In Lincoln!!!!


HUGE Indoor Child Care…FREE With All Memberships!!!


GLF Back Viewglfbackpic

Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Testing Rooms


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